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Competition Sport

  • High-Level and High-Performance Sport

    “High-level sport is considered to be of interest for the State, inasmuch as it constitutes an essential factor in sports development because of the stimulus that this entails for promoting sport at a grass roots level, by virtue of the technical and scientific demands for the preparation of it, and because of its representative function in Spain at official sports competitions or trials of an international nature.” (Spanish Sports Act 10/1990, Chapter One – General Principles, Article Six). In Spain, the task of developing high-level and high-performance sport lies with the Spanish Sports Federations with the collaboration of the Autonomous Communities of the country. This activity is mainly financed by the State and its objective is to raise the level of Spanish sport internationally

  • Sports technification

    Sports technification is the term used to describe the different steps aimed at the development of excellence in sports, from the detection of a sporting talent all the way through to the highest level

  • High-performance and sports technification centres

    Contains the description, basis, objectives, conditions etc. of the various centres as well as a list of the centres and their details. Includes information on the subsidies granted each year as a contribution towards their operating expenses, specific regulations and prices

  • University Sport

    University sport is considered to be sports performed by university students and organised by the sports services in each University. This is more than just a competitive activity as it also often leads to the performance of recreational sports as a healthy way of enjoying leisure time

  • School sport

    School-age sport is considered to be all those formally-organised sporting activities performed in schools, clubs, associations etc., outside the school Physical Education programme, in which school-age athletes take part

  • Sports federations and associations

    Information relating to Spanish and international Sports Associations and Federations: directories, documents, permit management utilities...

  • Pista Deporte

    Aplicación "Pista-Deportes"

  • Universiada Belgrado

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