The Documentation and Publications Service offers different types of access to its documents and research resources.Logo recursos



  • Access to Databases with full text articles
    • ICSSPE
      International Council for the Science of Sports and Physical Education
    • EBSCO
      Comprehensive service of databases for on-line journals with full text access
    • C-17
      Catalogue of periodical publications in Spanish health-sciences libraries
    • SEDIC (Free consultation)
      Spanish association for documentation and scientific information
    • OMS (Free consultation)
      World Health Organization. Regional office
    • Chemistry Central Journals (Free consultation)
    • PAHO (Free consultation)
      Pan American Health Organization


  • Media Library:
    • o Photo Archive
      (CConsultation in the Library)
      • Photo Archive on Chess
      • Photo Archive on Jai-Alai
      • Photo Archive on Golf
      • Photo Archive on Fencing
    • Film holdings
      • VHS (108) 
      • CD-ROM and DVD (157) 
      •  FILMS (on deposit at the National Film Library)
    • Others:
      Compilation of old and modern posters for sports events


  • Historic documents:
    (Consultation in the Library)
    • Official Bulletin of the National Delegation for Physical Education and Sports
    • Official Bulletin of the National Delegation for Sports of the F.E.T and J.O.N.S.
    • Antorcha magazine