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  • Sports Commissions and Directorate-Generals

    Links to sports-related websites from the different Autonomous Regions of Spain

  • Spanish Sports Federations

    Links to the websites of all the Spanish sports federations

  • Violence and Sport

    Links to websites of the different centres and associations related with racism and violence in sport

  • International Bodies

    Links to the websites of the different international bodies

  • National Sports Bodies

    Links to the websites of different overseas national sports bodies

  • World-class Sport

  • University Sport

    Access to the international federation of university sport, both winter and summer, and to the different universities

  • School Sport

    Links to the websites containing information relative to Spanish championships in different sporting disciplines, in children’s and junior categories

  • Reading on sport

    Links to different digital newspapers related with sports information

  • Sport and Women

    Access to a range of websites related to women and sport and a link to the official website of the Institute of the Woman

  • Library Services

    Links to the websites of the libraries of a range of centres, both public and private, bodies offering information and documentation, and different specialised bibliographic databases

  • Doping and Sport

    Link to the world anti-doping agency and a range of bodies related to doping and sport

  • Sport and the Law

    Link to the website of the Spanish association of sporting law and others to websites related to sporting law, with news, legislation, jurisprudence, etc…

  • Local Sport

  • Others