Spanish Disciplinary Committee for Sports

  • Sports Act 10/1990, of 15 October, (Title XI). [BOE]
  • Royal Legislative Decree 1591/1992, of 23 December, on Discipline in Sport. [BOE]
  • Order of 2 April 1996 regulating the Internal Action Regime of the Spanish Disciplinary Committee for Sports. [BOE]


The Spanish Disciplinary Committee for Sports is a state controlled body, organically attached to the National Sports Agency, which, acting independently of the Agency, decides as a last resort, in an administrative role, on matters of discipline in sport within its jurisdiction. Its resolutions can be appealed in contentious-administrative jurisdiction.

The powers of the Spanish Disciplinary Committee for Sports (CEDD) extend to:

  • Recognition and resolution, in the appeal process, of the pretensions deduced in relation to the acts of the sporting bodies with disciplinary jurisdiction that exhaust the sporting avenue, according to the distribution of powers established in the Sports Act and the Royal Legislative Degree on Discipline in Sport.
  • The processing and resolution of disciplinary proceedings at the request of the President of the National Sports Agency or its Executive Committee.

It takes in infractions and sanctions produced in the framework of the rules of the sport, of competition and other general sporting regulations, and includes all sporting disciplines, not just football.



The CEDD is made up of seven members (law graduates). From them a President and Vice-president will be designated by election amongst its own members. They will be assisted, furthermore, by a Secretary (also a law graduate), designated by the President of the National Sports Agency, at the proposal of the Committee President.

CEDD members will be designated by the Executive Committee of the National Sports Agency, according to the procedural norms of said organisation. Three members will be designated at the proposal of the CSD President; two from those proposed by the Spanish Sports Federations and two from those proposed by the Autonomous Regions.

Its members will have a four-year mandate, with partial renovations every two years.


The Committee meets in plenary session every Friday of the year and its procedure is in line with general procedure of Act 30/1992.

Its resolutions, which terminate the administrative process, are executed by the Federations and published in the volumes of “Justice in Sport”, Aranzadi Editions.

Some 500 resolutions are pronounced every year, on wide ranging subjects such as incidents amongst spectators, illegal line-ups, the closing of sports venues, licences and proportionality of sanctions.


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