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Sports Facilities

  • High-performance and sports technification centres

    Contains the description, basis, objectives, conditions etc. of the various centres as well as a list of the centres and their details. Includes information on the subsidies granted each year as a contribution towards their operating expenses, specific regulations and prices

  • Public Investment Policies

    This contains the actions carried out by the High Council for Sport to co-finance, together with other Public Administrations, the execution of sports infrastructures

  • Public Organization Policies

    This contains the actions that, with respect to the principle of institutional loyalty and, therefore, in co-ordination with the rest of the Public Administrations, the High Council for Sport carries out with a view to boosting and achieving a harmonized action of all Public Administrations in several principles or action areas, of a technical, legal and research nature allowing the development of the sports infrastructures and amenities sector