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Women and Sport

  • Presentation and contact address

    Government policies regarding the improvement in the role of women in Spanish society are also reflected in the world of sport. As sport is a particularly sensitive scenario due to the strongly-biased presence of men and also a highly visible social reference, the equality policies are particularly important in this area.

  • Manifesto for Equality and Women’s Participation in sport

    Document containing the Manifesto, participation form and photo gallery

  • New Electronic Newsletter for “MyD” Women and Sports Programmes

    The aim is to increase the visibility of all women involved in the area of physical exercise and sports, at any level and in any area (female athletes, trainers, managers, judges, …)

  • Video de Boxeo Femenino “Boxeadoras”

    Video realizado por la Federación Española de Boxeo, según guión de D. Rafael Rodríguez Meléndez, Director Técnico de la Federación, que cuenta con el apoyo de los Programas Mujer y Deporte del Consejo Superior de Deportes

  • 2010 Women’s Race Circuit and Supporting Measures by the High Council for Sport

    As part of its Comprehensive Plan for Physical Exercise and Sport of the High Council for Sport, presented in January, 2009, in the area of Effective Equality between Men and Women, the various actions carried out include the support for the Women’s Race Circuit (with a presentation by the Secretary of State for Sport, Mr. Jaime Lissavetzky, and the Director of the Women’s Institute in the Ministry of Equality, Ms. Laura Seara)

  • Conferences, Seminars and Meetings held

    Here you can consult the different events about sporting activities with a gender perspective organized or supported by the Women and Sport Programmes of the High Council for Sport

  • Women and Sport videos

    You will fin here a number of videos promoting sports practised by women. Join the thousands of visitors to our Youtube channel

  • Ibero-American Network for Women and Sport

    Constituted at the 15th General Assembly of the Ibero-American Sports Council (CID), held in Panama on March 19th and 20th, 2009

  • Federations with subsidized Women and Sport Projects

    The resolutions of the calls for 2009 and 2010 are shown, along with information about the Spanish Federations that obtained subsidies in 2008. Information and photo gallery for some of the projects carried out

  • Women’s Institute – High Council for Sport Prizes for School Sport and University Sport

    These awards have existed since 2006, the fruit of the collaboration between the High Council for Sport and the Women’s Institute at the Ministry of Equality, to appreciate both the sporting and the academic performance of the athletes

  • Sport and Women Season. Extremadura Regional Government – 2008/2010

    The Department of Equality and Employment and the Department of Youth and Sport, through the Women’s Institute and the Directorate General for Sport, organized a touring Macro Sports Event visiting a number of different towns in Extremadura during 2008, 2009 and 2010 targeting women between 12 and 35 years of age. The High Council for Sport is one of the collaborating bodies. “It includes photo galleries and videos”

  • Activities for the International Women’s Cup (IWC)

    This covers different activities promoting women’s football, with the support of the Women’s and Sport Programmes of the High Council for Sport

  • Regulatory Framework

    Regulatory framework relating to Women and Sport