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Sporting Promotion

  • School sport

    School-age sport is considered to be all those formally-organised sporting activities performed in schools, clubs, associations etc., outside the school Physical Education programme, in which school-age athletes take part

  • University Sport

    University sport is considered to be sports performed by university students and organised by the sports services in each University. This is more than just a competitive activity as it also often leads to the performance of recreational sports as a healthy way of enjoying leisure time

  • Women and Sport Programmes

    This channel includes actions aimed at encouraging women’s sport and the participation of women in all areas of sports. Useful links

  • Sports technification

    Sports technification is the term used to describe the different steps aimed at the development of excellence in sports, from the detection of a sporting talent all the way through to the highest level

  • Remote processing

    Direct access to the electronic seat of the High Council for Sport