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Center for Sports Medicine

This originated with the sports medicine service created in the 60s by the National Delegation for Physical Education and Sports. The Centre for Sports Medicine is currently an independent body belonging to the Centre for High-performance and Scientific Research into Sports (RD 286/1999, of 22 February).
  • Historical summary

    The Centre for Medicine and Sport is assigned to the Sub-Directorate General for Sport and Health (RD 2,195 dated November 25th, 2004)

  • Area of competence

    The Sports Medicine Centre offers the necessary scientific/medical support to meet current requirements in high-level sporting competition

  • Functions

    The functions of the Sports Medicine Centre focus on the study and monitoring of athletes, on research, training and collaboration in a range of Programmes, and in the promotion of and intervention in the production of protocols and guides on actions to take

  • Facilities and medical units

    List of existing medical units and the objectives of each of them

  • Medical and Sports Examinations

    The aim is the protection of health and obtaining the greatest performance from top-level athletes

  • Centre for Medicine and Sport

    Leaflet in PDF format from the Centre for Medicine and Sport at the High Council for Sport

  • Guidelines on Food, Nutrition and Hydration in sport

    A publication by the Department of Medicine, Endocrinology and Nutrition of the Centre for Medicine and Sport at the High Council for Sport

  • Segundo Curso de Actualización en Medicina y Ciencias Aplicadas al Deporte de Alto Rendimiento

    Dirigido a Médicos, licenciados en CC.AA. Fisica, DUEs, fisioterapeutas, psicólogos, nutricionistas, técnicos deportivos. Tendrá lugar en el Auditorio del INEF-UPM (C/ Martín Fierro, 7. Madrid 28040)