Athlete’s Health Card

The Athlete’s Health Card forms part of the government’s project to propose and establish measures to protect athletes’ health. Its creation has been driven by the High Council for Sport with the aim of providing athletes and the health-care personnel habitually or sporadically looking after them, through a digital system in which the Card is the physical medium, with valuable data obtained at the various medical and sports examinations performed on the athlete.

This Health Card is a secure, reliable and guaranteed procedure through which athletes and any persons authorized by them, and these alone, will be able to access directly the specific medical and sporting history of the athlete in question. Where necessary, this history will provide information that will always be useful in the sporting area and will probably become essential for health-care professionals and possibly vital on some occasions for athletes as it will allow the optimization, following its consultation, of any medical and sporting evaluation or health-related assistance that must be provided, on a routine or emergency basis, to the Card’s owner.

Acceso a la Tarjeta de Salud del Deportista