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Sport and Society

Prevención de la violencia en el deporte, deporte y mujer, deporte adaptado, enseñanzas deportivas y arte en el deporte
  • Receptions, Presentations and Agreements by the High Council for Sport

    These cover the implementation of social and educational projects fostering the integration of collectives through sport

  • Presentación de la Plataforma Tecnológica Española de la Industria del Deporte

    Presentación de INESPORT, Plataforma Tecnológica Española de la Industria del Deporte en la sede del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) en Madrid

  • Comprehensive Plan for Physical Exercise and Sport (A+D Plan)

    CSD Initiative to boost universal access to high-quality sports practices for the population as a whole

  • Sporting awards

    Premios y distinciones nacionales que se conceden en el ámbito deportivo

  • Spanish Sport Green Card

    The Spanish Sport Green Card (Carta Verde del Deporte Español) is an initiative set up by the National Sports Council of Spain (Consejo Superior de Deportes) and open to participation by various Sport Agents in Spain for the joint definition of the environmental sustainability principles that must be applied to their activity

  • Sport for Development and Peace

    General outlook on sport for development and peace in Spain

  • Violence in sports

    Current applicable legislation, the situation both in Spain and at the international level and the contents of the protocol against racism in football

  • Survey on sport habits

    Surveys, data, methodology file…

  • Programas Mujer y Deporte

    This channel contains actions designed to encourage women's sport and the participation by women in all areas of sport. Links of interest

  • Adapted Sports

    Information and news stories about sports practised by the disabled: Events, competitions, acts, etc.

  • Sports instruction

    Special instruction programme, designed to train sports instructors in a particular field or sporting speciality. Access to various forms for the convalidation of training diplomas or official studies with sports instruction

  • Training of Sports Coaches. 2009

    For statistical purposes, Spanish sports federations have to send the Office of the Secretary General of the High Council for Sport the details of the courses carried out in 2008 (2007–2008 season)

  • Art in sports

    Presentation of the recent Sports in Art Biennial

  • White Paper on Sport

    The aim of the White Paper is to provide strategic guidance on the role of sport in the EU