• El Gobierno otorga el Premio Nacional del Deporte Extraordinario 2020 a los y las deportistas que contribuyeron a la lucha contra la pandemia

    Se premia a aquellos y aquellas deportistas que, desde sus puestos de trabajo en primera línea de la lucha contra el Covid, entregaron lo mejor de sí mismos

  • Institutional declaration against LGTBIFOBIA in sport

    The supreme council for sports and Sports Grouping LGBTI Iberian + are committed to the defence of human rights of sportspersons LGTBIQ +

  • The board of the CSD qualifies as a professional ASOBAL league handball

    The Board Of Directors of the supreme council for sports (CSD) voted at midday the professionalization of ASOBAL league

  • The Sectoral Conference approves $17.9 million to advance equality CC.AA. and inclusion in sport

  • The Government, and the FEMP federations have formed a coalition in the inclusion of children and young people displaced ukrainians through sport

    It has signed the protocol for handling Sports Practice federated children and adolescents ukrainians in Spain.

  • The CSD publishes the proposed distribution of 16 million euros in aid to the clubs of the league football mutilation

    The CSD published the motion for a Final Resolution of the aid of clubs and Sports Companies participating in the new LPFF

  • The Executive approves the allocation of $17.9 million between CC.AA. for promoting equality and inclusion in sport

    The council of ministers has approved the agreement authorizing the proposal of territorial distribution and the criteria of sharing between the CC.AA.

  • The CSD recalls the importance of good acclimatization and hydration for safe sport during episodes of extreme heat

    The CSD has developed a series of practical advice to avoid the risk to high temperatures and promote the safe of exercise and sport

  • The government allocates $17.9 million to the NATIONAL for promoting equality and inclusion in sport

    The Sectoral Commission of sport has today adopted the allocation of $17.9 million euros for the promotion of equality and inclusion