I Conference sports Sectoral

The minister of culture and sport, Jose Guirao, presided over the past 23 July 2018 the creation of the first conference sectoral Sport history. The meeting in the High Council of sports counted with the presence of sports counselors autonomous communities in sport competition.

This initiative represents a higher degree of existing contacts so far among the General administration of the state and autonomous communities and cities, and shows the importance for this government the development of the principle of cooperation between the different public administrations in relation to sport.

The minister of culture and Sport outlined the main lines of action of your apartment in sport that will be based in the promotion of physical and sports activities and the promotion of the sport and sport inclusive. "We are very satisfied because everyone have agreed on the need of mutual cooperation respecting the Competence and action but necessarily coordinated to improve the lives of athletes, sports and management of sports ”, said José Guirao.

The minister of culture and Sport highlighted the agreement of all those present at the meeting for the momentum of a future law of sport. "We Have a law 1990, which has been very positive in many aspects. But the developments that have taken sport is these years ago that we need a new regulatory framework to include, among others, aspects related to the sport and sport inclusive ”, has assured. “ in this first meeting of the conference Sectoral Sport we have created two working groups to launch, while the drafting of the new law, a strategy for the promotion of sport and sport inclusive and another for the promotion of sport dedicated to all citizens as an element of improved health, coexistence and social integration.

Starting point to enhance collaboration and coordination

The creation of this conference Sectoral of sport is the starting point to enhance collaboration and coordination on aspects related to sport as the development of sporting activity general, the development of the activity físico-deportiva among the healthy lifestyles, sports programming school and university regulations on sporting facilities, the fight against doping or preparation and social and professional integration of athletes high level.

Moreover, as a body of support for the conference sectoral, has been created the Sectoral Commission, chaired by the president of the High Council of sports, María José Free, and which will include autonomic makers in this field with minimum range of General manager.

Members of the Sectoral Conference sport

The Sectoral Conference shall be composed of the minister of culture and sport, who presides, community counselors and autonomous towns of Ceuta and competent Melilla in sport, the president of the High Council of sports, the director General of sports, the undersecretary of the ministry of culture and sport and a representative of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function.

Moreover, and depending on the issues, may attend meetings experts for whose qualities, knowledge or experience appropriate advice.

The meeting had been attended by representatives of the autonomic governments: Balearic Islands, Valencia, Catillano and Lion, Castellano – The Stain, Catalonia, Andalucian Marvel, Cantabria, Extremadura,, march Asturias, Rioja, Madrid, Galicia, Murcia, Canarian Navarrese and, with the absences of Basque Country, Ceuta and Melilla.