National Awards of sport

National Awards of sport 2018

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Call of prizes national sport through which provides an explicit recognition of individuals and entities, either by their direct activity or personal initiative, either as stakeholders in the development of the sports policy, have contributed significantly to drive or disseminate físico-deportiva activity.

Winners in 2018

  • Last Reply King prize:ex aequo Regino Hernández and Raaj Valverde
  • The Joy Reigns prize:Joana Pastrana
  • King Juan Carlos prize:Aleppo Ana
  • Prize Queen Sofía:Peñaflor Sabrina Gutiérrez
  • Prize Princess Leonor:Celestial Salma Paralluelo Ayingono
  • Prize Infanta Sofía:Founding Sanitas
  • Trophy Ibero-American Community:Red Yulimar
  • Drink Baron of Güell:Spanish selection TrainerInnen sub 17
  • Drink Stadium:ex aequo College Madrid-Universidad Real European and Founding Ecomar
  • Prize Higher Council of sports:Don Benito City
  • Trophy Joaquín Blume:Jaén university
  • National Award to the arts and sciences Applied to sport:COLEF (General Council Official college graduates in physical education)
  • National Award Francisco Fernández Ochoa:Juan Carlos Navarro



To reward the most Spanish sportsman has been distinguished during the year in its action sports, both nationally and internationally (Established in 1983). The prize that was once known by Prize Queen Sofía, receives the new name according to resolution of 17 March 2015, the chairman of the High Council of sports changing the name of the awards.

1982 Marta Figueras Dotti Golf
1983 Fernández Ochoa white Ski
1984 Maple Noddy Marta Gymnastics
1985 Floor lamps Zabel Soles Candle
1986 Cross Å Díaz García Athletics
1987 Radio Bistuer Coral Taekwondo
1988 Fernández Ochoa white Ski
1989 Kings Baptist Ana Gymnastics
1990 Myers Sandra Athletics
1991 Miriam Blasco Soto Judo
1992 Miriam Blasco Soto Judo
Almudena Muñoz
1993 Carmen Acedo Jorge Gymnastics
1994 Arancha Sánchez Vicar Tennis
Conchita Martínez Bernat Tennis
1995 Taymi Chappé Fencing Off Fencing
1996 Theresa Zabell Soles Candle
Begoña Via-Dufresne Pereña
1997 Fernández Gutiérrez Isabel Judo
1998 Teodora Ruano Sanchón Cycling
1999 Niurka Montalvo Amaro Athletics
2000 Fernández Gutiérrez Isabel Judo
2001 Blacksmith Sheila Lapuente Skating
2002 Marta Domínguez Azpeleta Athletics
2003 Joane Somarriba Arrola Cycling
2004 Beatriz Ferrer-Salat Migni edge of Riding
2005 Mengual Gemma Civil Swimming
2006 Laia Sanz Pla-Giribert Motorcycling
2007 Floor Lamps Martínez Jiménez mary Athletics
2008 Former – aequo:
Paschal Ruano Virginia Tennis
Ana Isabel Medina Scrubland Tennis
2009 Marta Domínguez Azpeleta Athletics
2010 Edurne Lizarribar Passed Mountain
2011 Ex aequo:
Refreshed Van Rinjsoever tare Candle
Moorish Betanzos Berta national
2012 Marina Alabau Naira Windsurfing
2013 Mireia Belmonte i García Swimming
2014 Carolina Marín Martin Badminton
2015 Beitia Ruth Athletics
2016 Ex aequo:
Lydia Valentín Weightlifting
Maialen Chourraut Canoeing
2017 Sánchez Sandra Jaime Karate

To reward the most Spanish sportsman has been distinguished during the year in its action sports, both nationally and internationally (established in 1982; Changed its name to the house of SM king in 1994, not to be confused with the prizes of the principality of Asturias, with “ National Award, Gift of Borbón Reply ”). The prize that was once known by Prize Gift of Borbón Reply, receives the new name according to resolution of 17 March 2015, the chairman of the High Council of sports changing the name of the awards.

1982 José Marín Sospedra Athletics
1983 Juan Antonio Corbalan Alfoncea Basketball
1984 José Manuel Abascal Gómez Athletics
1985 José Amengual Sunday Act.Subacua.
1986 José Luis González Sánchez Athletics
1987 Jorge Martínez Saviours Motorcycling
1988 José Luis Doreste White Candle
1989 Manuel Pereira Senabre Fencing
1990 Carlos Sainz Motoring
1991 Martin López Zubero Swimming
1992 Miguel Indurain Larraya Cycling
1993 Joanne García Bragado Athletics
Grace valentín Massana Athletics
1994 José María Olazábal Monterola Golf
1995 Miguel Indurain Larraya Cycling
1996 Radio Cacho fermín Athletics
1997 Joe Llaneras Roselló Cycling
1998 Corretja Verdegay Alex Tennis
1999 Abel Antón Athletics
2000 Ex-aequo:
HOSTELTRAIL Juan Roselló Cycling
Deffer terraces Angel Deport gymnastics.
2001 Pau Gasol Saez Basketball
2002 Fernández García approach Athletics
2003 Juan Carlos Ferrero De Tennis
2004 David Lime Figueroa Canoeing
2005 Fernando Alonso Díaz Motoring
2006 Marjorie Parera Placed Tennis
2007 Marjorie Trujillo Villar Candle
2008 Marjorie Parera Placed Tennis
2009 Xavi Hernández Creus Football
2010 Jorge Warrior Property Motorcycling
2011 Juan Carlos Navarro Feijoo Basketball
2012 Joel González Bonilla Taekwondo
2013 Javier Gómez Noya Triathlon
2014 Marc Márquez Aletà Motorcycling
2015 Javier Fernández Skating
2016 Saúl Craviotto Canoeing
2017 Marjorie Parera Placed Tennis

To reward the / the sportsman, under 18 years, most have highlighted during the year by their progression esportiva (Instituted in 2009). The prize that was once known by Prize Princess of Asturias S.A.R. Doña Leticia, receives the new name according to resolution of 17 March 2015, the chairman of the High Council of sports changing the name of the awards.
2009 Pina Gavaldá approach Athletics
2010 Marc Márquez Encourages Motorcycling
2011 Ex-aequo: Canoeing
José Javier Cano Jiménez
Joe González Pomegranate
Marcus Walt Mar
Javier Cabañín Barturén
2012 Ana Peleteiro Brión Athletics
2013 Ángela Saviours Álvarez
2014 Ex aequo: Aina Colom Looked and Alex Márquez Alentà
2015 Joanne Tortosa Taekwondo
2016 Pp González Swimming
2017 María García Thomas Athletics

To reward the person or entity that has been more prominent during the year by a gesture particularly relevant of nobility or fair play in sports or who has provided a special contribution to the eradication of violence in sport. (Established in 1983 as a prize Infantas spain SS.AA.RR. Doña Elena Christian and dona; Changed its name in the year 2003). The prize that was once known by Prize Infanta spain Doña Elena, receives the new name according to resolution of 17 March 2015, the chairman of the High Council of sports changing the name of the awards.

1982 Supreme assembly red cross Spanish. Help deport demonstrations.
1983 José María Cagigal Gutiérrez Posthumously
1984 Marjorie Núñez Blanes (posthumously) Athletics
1985 Constantino Esparcia Sánchez Athletics
1986 José Luis Doreste White Candle
1987 Cano Emilia Camacho Athletics
1988 Sporting Press Spanish Association
1989 Anti-Doping commission R.F.E.Atletismo
1990 Fair play. R.F.E. football
1991 “ Rock ” of Dementia C.B.Estudiantes Basketball
1992 “ Collective ” Olympic Volunteers
(Ana Cornudella-Albert Solé)
1993 Civil Protection Vansterdan -mº
Wonderful direction, Civil protection
1994 Radio Cacho fermín Athletics
1995 Laurent Jalabert Cycling
1996 Garralda Larrumbe 6 Handball
1997 Corretja Alex
1998 Czech Carlos Cabreras Motorcycling
1999 Joanne Carballo Martínez Gymnastics
2000 Alfonso Pérez Muñoz Football
2001 Ex-aequo:
José Manuel García Prades (“ Player Vijusa Valence ”)
Eduardo Sao Thiago (“ The team Coach Pozo-Murcia ”)
2002 Associació Cervera Prats Real goalkeeper Betis
2003 Security forces of the state
2004 Navarre institute of sport and youth
2005 World Anti-Doping Agency (A.M.A.)
2006 Viceconsejeria of sport of the board of communities of Castilla-La Stain
2007 Albert Ortoneda Follows Another Series Football
2008 Samuel Sánchez González Cycling
2009 Mountain Club Guara Rock
2010 Andalusian federation football
2011 Lock Barjuán Sergi Football
2012 Basketball Club valence Basketball
2013 Cybele Macías Rodríguez
2014 White Card – Drink Cola
2015 Iniesta andrés Football
2016 Sarosi showpost.php? Badminton
2017 Joe Manuel Kills García Football

To reward the male or female athlete that by the results obtained during the year has brought more meaningful disclosure sports landscape. (Introduced in 2003). The prize that was once known by Prize Infanta Doña spain Christian receives the new name according to resolution of 17 March 2015, the chairman of the High Council of sports changing the name of the awards.

2003 Fernando Alonso Díaz Motoring
2004 Marjorie Martínez Auger Gymnastics
2005 Blur Domínguez white Candle
2006 Maple Baptist Álvaro Motorcycling
2007 Meter Velasco approach Cycling
2008 Blond Ricard Livest Basketball
2009 Former – aequo:
Refreshed Van Rinjsoever tare Candle
Moorish Betanzos Berta national
2010 Eusebio Cáceres López Athletics
2011 Radio Viñales Maverick Motorcycling
2012 Ex aequo:
Tamara Echegoyen Domíngue Candle
Sofía Bull Prieto
Ángela Pumariega Menéndez
2013 Ona Carbonell i Ballestero Swimming
2014 Carlos Sainz Vázquez of Castro Motoring
2015 Garbiñe Muguruza Tennis
2016 Marcus Mar Canoeing
2017 Jon Rahm Rodríguez Golf

To reward the Ibero-American athlete most has highlighted during the year in its international sporting performances. (Founded in 1981).

1981 Exclusive Guillermo (Argentina) Tennis
1982 Marian www.bangkokcrysta. Delis Fournier (Cuba) Athletics
1983 Ernesto Sang (Mexican) Athletics
1984 Soda Approach Carlos Lopes (Portugal) Athletics
1985 Soda Approach Carlos Lopes (Portugal) Athletics
1986 Heifer Smith Millais (Brazil) Basketball
1987 Pink Å Mote Two Saints Correia (Portugal) Athletics
1988 Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) Athletics
1989 Arturo Neighbourhoods (Mexican) Athletics
1990 Gabriela Sabatini (Argentina) Tennis
1991 Youth football selection (Portugal) Football
1992 Cuban selection volleyball (Cuba) Volleyball
1993 Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) Athletics
1994 DG Coast (Cuba) Athletics
1995 Ana Fidelia Quirot (Spain) Athletics
1996 Fish Jefferson Leonardo Pérez (Equator) Athletics
1997 Daniel García (Mexican) Athletics
1998 Manuela Machado (Portugal) Athletics
1999 Pedroso sign (Cuba) Athletics
2000 María Isabel Urrutia (Colombia) Weightlifting
2001 Juan Pablo Montoya (Colombia) Motoring
2002 Roberto Carlos da Silva (Brazil) Football
2003 Ronaldo Luis Nazario of Lime (Brazil) Football
2004 Félix Sánchez Morcelo Athletics
2005 Moreira Ronaldo of Assisi Football
2006 Anderson Luis of Souza (Brazil) Football
2007 Lionel Andrés Messi Football
2008 Omen Leonel Sergio Castle
Kun Omen (Argentina) Football
2009 Baby Sky August Emperor Cesar Swimming
2010 Luciana Paula Aymar Hockey
2011 Christian Ronaldo do Saints Aveiro Football
2012 Radamel Falcao García Football
2013 Diego Simeone Pablo Football
2014 Nairo Quintana Football
2015 Jorge Sampaoli Football
2016 Santiago Lange and Trying Carranza Football
2017 Associació Keylor Navas Gamboa Football

To reward the equipment or national team that more have highlighted by its action sports during the year. (Established in 1924)

1982 Athletics National Team
1983 National basketball selection
1984 National basketball selection
1985 Athletics National selection
1986 Golf Feminine Selection
1987 Spanish Team rhythmic gymnastics
1988 Swimming National selection of Disabled
1989 National selection Hockey
1990 National Polo selection
1991 Spanish Handball selection
1992 Olympic selection Field Hockey
1993 Selection Senior national basketball Female
1994 Spanish Team of Female Sword
1995 Rugby Feminine Selection
National Team of Trial
1996 National Polo selection
National selection of Rhythmic Gymnastics
1997 Spanish Team Marathon
1998 Selection of national basketball Discipacitados Intellectuals
1999 Ex-aecuo:
- Spanish Selection Junior Basketball
- Spanish football selection Sub-20
2000 Spanish Team of tennis - Glass Series
2001 Selection of Spanish Football
2002 Athletics National selection
2003 Spanish selections male and female basketball
2004 Spanish Team of Glass Series
2005 Spanish Team Handball (male)
2006 Spanish Team Basketball (male)
2007 Spanish selection Volleyball (male)
2008 Spanish football selection (male)
2009 Spanish selections basketball (masculina-femenina)
2010 Spanish football selection
2011 Spanish selection of Hockey (male)
2012 Spanish selection of Water Polo (female)
2013 Feminine basketball selections
2014 ex aequo to: Spanish Selection Soccer - Spanish Team Rhythmic Gymnastics Female
2015 Spanish selection men's basketball team
2016 Spanish Olympic Team canoeing
2017 Male and female selections of Hockey

To reward the person or entity that by its own performance sports or by building the activity of other, was especially highlighted in the dissemination and improvement of sporting activity among persons with disabilities (Established in 1976). The prize that was once known by Prize Olimpia, receives the new name according to resolution of 17 March 2015, the chairman of the High Council of sports changing the name of the awards.

1982 Guillermo Heads Count (Pte.F.E. Disabled)
1983 WALKETH national association of Special Sport
1984 WALKETH national association of Special Sport
1985 ADEMI Club (wheelchair Basketball)
1986 O.N.C.E. National organization of blind spain
1987 O.N.C.E. National organization of blind spain
1988 Radio Radio Marian (Bridge. O.N.C.E.)
1989 WALKETH national association of Special Sport
1990 CEPADIP Coordinator Esp. Parent
Mentally Handicapped
1991 Xavi Ramis - Swimming Towers
1992 Presidents Paralimpiadas Barcelona and Madrid
1993 Sports commission of C.O.E. for disabled
1994 Extremadura board
1995 Andalucia board
1996 Spanish Paralympic committee
1997 Boccia team (Brain Paralyzed)
1998 Spanish federation of sports for the blind
1999 Founding O.N.C.E.
2000 Telephone foundation
2001 Spanish Paralympic committee
2002 European University of Madrid
2003 Siro group
2004 Spanish federation to Physically Handicapped
2005 Support for sport Plan Paralympic Goal (ADOP)
2006 Excmo. Sr. D. Juan Antonio Samarancha Torelló
2007 Olympic Andalucian Marvel foundation “ Plan ” Andalusian Paralympic
2008 Extremadura games of sport particular – JEDES
2009 Big d ´ Federacio adaptats of the Valencian Majorcan
2010 Foundation for the promotion of Equestrian Sport
2011 Thomas González forest
2012 Iberdrola
2013 David Casinos Sierra
2014 Special Hockey Plus
2015 Carballeda Miguel
2016 Floor lamps Pear Trees
2017 Founding pace

To reward the person or entity that has been known for its special contribution during the year to advocacy and promotion of sport. (Established in 1923).

1982 Juan Antonio Samaranch Torelló. President of C.I.O.
1983 Sports Club Box Madrid
1984 Yacht Club of seville
1985 Athletic Club Montemas (Alicante)
1986 “ Objective T.V.E. program ’ 92 "
1987 Athletic association Avilesina
1988 Right Covadonga culture group
1989 Unisport Andalucia (International Sports University)
1990 TV cameras and press photographers
1991 Spanish federation canoeing
1992 Olympic Sports association A.D.O.
1993 Swimming Club:
1994 Swimming Club Holy Olaya (Asturias)
1995 Larios Club
1996 Egara Club field Hockey
1997 Football Club Barcelona
1998 Navarre institute of sport
1999 Spanish television
2000 Country Club Villa of Madrid
2001 Overall direction of sports of Castilla-La Stain
2002 Spanish Basketball federation. School Programme 3x3 Sunny
2003 “ Olympic Bid Madrid 2012 "
2004 Savings bank of the immaculate march
2005 Paschal tomás Sanz (posthumously)
2006 EFE agency
2007 Royal Spanish Federation of Athletics “ playing the Athletics ”
2008 Sports grouping of the national police force
2009 The organization to Bicycle Spain – UNIPUBLIC, S.A.
2010 International Championships organization of Spain ATP “ Espinar ”
2011 Swimming Club Sabadell
2012 Football Club Barcelona
2013 Founding Trinity Alfonso - Real Cultural Group Covadonga (ex aequo)
2014 Betting and lotteries state
2015 LaLiga4Sports
2016 Iberdrola
2017 Founding Trinity Alfonso

To reward the Spanish local entity that are most has highlighted during the year for their initiatives for the promotion of sport, either in the promotion and organization of activities are in the strength of community facilities. (Established in 1982).

1982 . Excmo Plasencia City
1983 Ilmo. Municipality of Alcobendas (Madrid)
1984 Patronato Municipal Sports the port of Santa María (Cádiz)
1985 Excmo. Municipality of Barcelona
1986 Excmo. Municipality of San Sebastian of kings (Madrid)
1987 Gandía City Council (Value)
1988 Public Foundation Alcalá services of Hayfields (Madrid)
1989 Junior Branch of Palencia
1990 The municipality Grooves (Madrid)
1991 Ilmo. City council Coruña
1992 . Excmo Valladolid City
1993 Excmo. Municipality of San Sebastian
1994 . Excmo Vitoria-Gasteiz City
1995 . Excmo Gijón City
1996 Patronato Municipal Sports of Palencia
1997 Ex-aequo:
Excmo. Municipality of Seville
Excmo. Ayto. Palm of Mallorca
1998 . Excmo valence City
1999 Ex-aequo:
Excmo. City of Madrid
The Wall Surface City
2000 Ex-aequo:
Pájara City Council (Exent)
Murcia City
2001 Ex-aequo:
Excmo Cádiz City
Arganda municipality of King
2002 Ex-aequo:
Pamplona City
Gádor City Council (Almería)
2003 . Excmo valence City
2004 Island council of Tenerife
2005 Ex-aequo:
Almería City
Alcobendas City
2006 Municipal Gijón-patronato City
2007 The sports commission FEMP
2008 Municipality of Madrid-Candidatura Madrid 2016
2009 Vigo City
2010 Leganés City
2011 Navia City Council (Asturias)
2012 The municipality Nucia (Alicante)
2013 Guadalajara City
2014 Few steps of beautiful Santander City
2015 Lion City
2016 Antequera City
2017 Melilla autonomous city

To reward the teaching centre has been distinguished especially during the year by their advocacy and promotion of sport. Established in 1959)

1982 Centres Educatius Tajamar of Madrid
1983 José Baccalaureate institute of Arrears (Grenade)
1984 I.N.E.F. of Madrid
1985 College Valdeluz (Madrid)
1986 I.N.E.F. of Catalonia
1987 College of San Estanislao Kotska
1988 Marist College of oficial
1989 C.P. San Juan crag (Jaca-Huesca)
1990 Catalan school sports
1991 Pomegranate I.N.E.F.
1992 Oficial university
1993 University of Salamanca
1994 Barcelona Autonomous University
1995 Basque Country university
1996 Marín Amat centre
Secondary Education institute Ext. Baccalaureate J.Blume
1997 National University
1998 Ramiro institute of Maeztu
1999 College Council Castellón
2000 Valence Technology University
2001 Lyceum Sports circle “ peace ” (The Coruña)
2002 Complutense university of Madrid
2003 Technology University of Madrid
2004 Valladolid university
2005 Pomegranate university
2006 King Juan Carlos university
2007 Nice and Gasset I.E.S.
2008 Science faculty of physical activity and sport of Madrid INEF
2009 Cádiz university
2010 “ University ” Cela José Path
2011 San Antonio Catholic university (UCAM)
2012 Univerditat Castellón Jaume I.
2013 San Diego Gredos colleges
2014 Educational centre España-dakar House
2015 Base college
2016 Rail CEIP Royal City
2017 Nice IS and Gasset, Madrid


To reward the professional who in the exercise of their activity has been highlighted by a work or has helped propel or disseminate físico-deportiva activity of unique form or throughout his professional life. (Established in the year 2002).

2002 Eduardo Joe Stream Rodríguez Painter
2003 Songs, But Also Includes raúl Palace Photojournalist
2004 Santiago Calatrava Valls Architect
2005 Sebastian Álvaro Lomba Journalist
2006 Fred Guillén García Doctor
2007 Fred Ferrándiz González Manager
2008 Valentín Fuster Carulla Doctor
2009 John Nanganallur of the tower (journalist) Journalist
2010 Advertising agency Villar-rosàs
2011 José Sunday Solar Chestnut Journalist
2012 Sports due, S.L.
2013 Víctor Santamaría Montero Journalist
2014 Eduardo Anitua Aldecoa and Mikel Sánchez Álvarez Doctors
2015 50Th anniversary INEF Madrid
2016 Élida Alfaro and Benilde Váquez (joint bid) Professors
2017 Javier Fesser and David Marquis Screenwriters


To reward the trajectory of a life dedicated, so visible, to practice, organization, management, promotion and development of sport (established in the year 2009).

2008 Ángel Grandson Mesa Roldán Motorcycling
2009 Severiano Jack Archers Golf
2010 Manuel Santana Martínez Tennis
2011 Alfredo Di Stefano Laulhe Football
2012 Emma Villacieros Machimbarrena Golf
2013 Martin Bahamontes Federico Cycling
2014 Leopoldo Rodés Castañé (posthumously) Entrepreneur
2015 Fred Ferrándiz Basketball
2016 Joanne García Bragado Athletics
2017 Román god joe Handball


To reward the architectural work or architects who, throughout the year, excelled by a unique performance or by a joint work throughout his life, always related to the sport architecture. (Established in the year 1997) (2002 Extinct)

1996 Nice Uribe-Echevarria Javier Architect
1997 Estanislao Pérez Pita Architect
1998 Ex-aequo:
Associació Garcia Ortiz Architect
Associació Villalón Cross Architect
1999 Ex-aequo:
Bonell attended Coast Architect
Josep M. Gil Guitart Architect
Francisco Rius Camps Architect
2000 Joan Margarit Consarnau Architect
Carles Buxadé Ribot Architect
2001 Joaquín Pujol Simón Architect