Sport Lessons of special regime

Rules, royal decrees and curricula

Organic Law 8/2013, 9 December, for the improvement of the quality of education.

Royal Decree 1363/2007 of October 24, which establishes the overall management of sports teachings of special regime.

Royal Decree 94/2014, 14 February, which adapt certain sports technical titles, on schedule distribution and credit ECTS modules in the European Higher Education Area.

Royal Decree 737/2015, 31 July, amending the annexes which establish the requirements of teacher qualifications modules various sports training royal decrees Technical titles Sports



Medium degree Superior Documents
Handball In handball Sports technical Senior technical Handball Sports

Medium degree Superior
Winter sports

Sports technical Downhill

Sports technical ski

Snowboard sports technical

Sports technical Downhill higher

Senior Sports technical ski

Senior technical Snowboard Sports

Medium degree Superior
Mountain sports and climbing

Sports technician in high mountain

In ravines Sports technical

Sports technical Climbing

Technical Average Mountain sports

Top Sporting technical in high mountain

Sports technical Climbing higher

Medium degree Superior
Football and Football

Sports technical Football

Sports Fútbol-sala technical

Senior technical Football Sports

Senior technical Fútbol-sala Sports



Medium degree Superior Documentation
Athletics In athletics Sports technical Senior technical Athletic Sports

Medium degree Superior

Medium degree Superior
Diving Diving sports technical

Medium degree Superior
Mountain climbing and

Medium degree Superior

Fencing sports technical

Senior technical Fencing Sports

Medium degree Superior

Sports Espeolología technical

Medium degree Superior

Sports technical disciplines jumping Equestrianism, dressage and Complete Contest

Sports technical disciplines of resistance, orientation and horse riding

Senior technical Equestrian Sports

Medium degree Superior
Judo Sports technical in Judo and Self Defense Sports technical Judo and higher Defense

Medium degree Superior

Sports technical canoe Bravas

Canoeing sports technical calm waters

Sports technical Recreational Canoeing water rafting Guide

Senior technical Canoeing Sporting events

Sports technical higher calm waters Canoeing

Medium degree Superior
Lifesaving and rescue Sports technical lifesaving and rescue Senior Sports technical lifesaving and rescue

Medium degree Superior

Sports technical Sailing with Fixed gear

Sailing sports technical Gear with Free

Sports technical candle with higher Fixed Gear

Senior technical Sailing Sports Gear with Free

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