Sports Administrative Court

The Administrative Court of sport is the result of the integration of the Committee since disappeared Spanish Sport (dedicated to the sanctions resolution) and board of Electoral Guarantees (electoral processes). Therefore, are merged into a single Administrative body all functions and competences revision of the federative activity in terms of doping, sport and guarantee the legality of electoral processes that take place in Spanish sports entities.


  • Law 10 / 1990, 15 October, sport (Title XI).[BOE]
  • Act 3 / 2013, 20 June, to protect the health of the sportsman and anti-doping in sport (additional provision fourth and final disposal third amending Article 84 of the law 10 / 1990).[BOE]
  • Royal Decree 53 / 2014, 31 January, which develops the composition, organization and functions of the Administrative Court of sport[BOE]


The Administrative Court of sport is a collegiate body of state level, organically seconded to Higher Council of sports, acting independently of It, took the following functions:

  • Decide on administrative and ultimately sports disciplinary matters within its competence, those identified in the Organic Law 3 / 2013, 20 June protecting the health of the sportsman and anti-doping in sport and hear the special administrative resource as laid down in Article 40 of the Act.
  • Processing and settling disciplinary, ultimately administrative, at the request of the president of the High Council of sports or its Steering Committee, in specific cases referred to in Article 76 of the law of sport.
  • Ensure, immediately and ultimately administrative, by the line to the right of electoral processes in the governing bodies of Spanish sports federations


The Administrative Court of sport consists of seven members law graduates, of those who appoint a president by choice among its own members. Moreover, it will be assisted by a secretary licensed or graduated in Law, appointed by the president of CSD. In its composition will ensure compliance with balanced representation of women and men. Members of the Administrative Court of sport shall be appointed by the Steering Committee of Higher Council of sports. Be designated four members on the proposal of the President of CSD and three from those proposed by the Spanish sports Federations.

The term of office of its members shall be six years and cannot be re-elected. However, the renewal partially occur every three years.


The operation of the Administrative Court of sport is in accordance with Law 30 / 1992. Its resolutions, that Deplete the administrative means are executed by the corresponding Spanish sports Federations, AEPSD, the professional leagues, clusters of clubs or those entities that are subject to the jurisdiction of the CS.

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