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Code of good governance of Spanish sports federations

1.Introduction. – The High Council of sports, in the exercise of functions that gives you the law 10 / 1990, 15 October of sport and for the sake of greater responsibility and effectiveness in the management state, thinks fit the development and implementation of rules aimed at regulating systematically and ordered the ‘ corporate governance 'Spanish sports federations, as an effective tool and necessary that contributes to greater transparency in the management of the same, in compliance with the law 19 / 2013, 9 December, transparency, access to public information and good governance, application to Spanish sports federations in accordance with Article 4 (3) (b).

The development of this code of good governance of Spanish sports federations, can help achieve greater integration of the federative organization in society and increase transparency on its performance and in particular on the management of public money they receive.

This Code makes recommendations to synthesize measures or good governance practices, as well as offering to the Spanish sports federations a catalogue of measures that use of his free autonomy and their powers of self-regulation may take in its statutes or organic operating rules.

The measure of whether or not the code will be an important yardstick to specify the amount of the subsidy that distributes C.S.D. each year to each of the Spanish Sports Federations.

2.Subjective Scope. – this code applies to Spanish sports federations and may be adopted and adapted to any entity esportiva receiving grants from funds managed by the High Council of sports.

3.Scope. – this code makes recommendations that synthesize good governance practices in the sports federations and affects the management and control of all economic transactions (expenses, income, investments.) make, regardless of whether these are funded with or without public subsidy.

4.Good governance rules. – The Board and / or delegated committee.

Duties of members of the board and / or delegated committee:

The duty of loyalty act with regard to the federation which includes, imposes to members of the board and / or commission delegate the fulfilment of the obligations:

to) keep secret few data or information received in the performance of their duties, and may not use them for their own benefit, or made available to third parties.

(b) not interfere in deliberations and votes on any issue that might have a particular interest.

(c) do Not misuse of federal heritage or using their position to obtain advantages of inheritance.

d) Does Not take advantage of business opportunities that know as a member of the board and / or delegated committee.

e) the active participation in meetings of the board and the tasks assigned to it.

(f) the opposition to agreements contrary to the law, the statutes or the federal interest.

(g) this code makes recommendations that synthesize good governance practices in the sports federations and affects the management and control of all economic transactions (expenses, income, investments.) make, regardless of whether these are funded with or without public subsidy.

h) for the sake of the correct participation of the various forming federations, the board and / or Delegated Committee, you should refer to the members of the assembly, at least one week before your celebration, photocopy of a complete audit Opinion, Annual Accounts, memory and letter of Recommendations. It should also be available to members of the same in the same period of a week earlier, the corresponding accounting records on such transactions and in any case whenever required by the regulatory conduit established.

Bodies of control:

The General Secretary: the secretary general of the board, which will have a voice but no vote, you must meet the formal and material legality of the proceedings of the board, check the regularity STATUTORY, compliance with the provisions arising from the regulatory Bodies, as well as ensuring compliance with the principles or criteria federal governance.

Other Bodies of Control:

Audit committee and control: The basic function of the audit committee is to evaluate the system of organization accountant and guarantee the independence of the external auditor of the federation.



Ban, unless express authorization of the High Council of sports, realization of golden parachutes, with compensation above the current legislation, with staff both administrative and technical of the federation.

Restriction of proceedings involving pay against the federal budget travel expenses to people who have no connection with the federation, except in exceptional cases that will be informed C.S.D.

Obligation that economic memory to be submitted federations, as entities of public utility, gives information pay cash or in kind satisfied to members of the governing bodies of the federation, both as reimbursement for expenses caused in its role as fees for services rendered to the entity, either via labour relationship or commercial relationship, both inherent as different from those of their own role.

II.Ordinary Control and management

Drafting of a manual of procedures with the following minimum content:

Establishment of a system for authorization of operations where will be set who or who should authorize with your signature, depending on their size, each of the operations conducted by the federation.

Regulation of a system of segregation of duties in which anyone can intervene at all stages of a transaction.

Establishment of a manual of procedures on the treatment of the information and documentation accountant, outlining the documentary media operations, its custody and the circuit must walk from the beginning to the end of the operation.

Establishment of a rigorous budget system and management.

Manual procedures for the distribution of grants to Territorial federations in which should be necessarily the distribution criteria and justification.

Articulation of a system of internal oversight to ensure compliance with the procedures set out in the above points.

III.Relations with third

Members of the board and the committee delegate, as well as other federal officials should provide information regarding the existence of relations of contractual nature, commercial or family with suppliers or entities that have links commercial or professional with the federation which includes.

Will require regular information on the volume of economic transactions that the federation maintained with its members or third parties linked to them.

Will require public information about the positions that federal officials play, in his private activity, in other societies or companies.

Be established as a criterion for performance the request for a minimum of three offers for labour contracts exceeding $40 euros and contracts for servicing and delivery of goods that exceed 15,000 euros, VAT not included, in accordance with Article 31, paragraph 3 of the Law 38 / 2003, of 17 November, General subsidies.

IV.Sports technical aspects

Development of an annual technical planning sports – agreed with the C.S.D. which should include, among others, the following contents:

Establishment of the selection criteria of athletes of national teams.

Setting of the distribution criteria of scholarships and / or aid for sports results.

Standards of international participation and petition and prior authorization for the organization of international competitions in spain.

SEESports Ethics code

Implementation of the code of sportsmanship approved by the council of Europa on 24 September 1992.