Universe Woman II

Universe Woman II

UNIVERSE WOMAN IIis a program that aims at promoting and increase in female participation in all areas of sport, to contribute to the improvement and social transformation through the values of sport. It seeks to achieve a more egalitarian society where women and sport are essential part of the country's growth.

Universe Woman II to delve into the social and cultural dimension of sport to bring about a change in lifestyle of Spaniards and promoting sport in women, through its promotion and profile.

Universe Woman IImaterialises in the implementation of projects seeking the dissemination and promotion of women's sport through five pillars of action:

  1. Trained as element of excellence
  2. Sports development Plan: from the base to the elite
  3. Visibility and promotion of women in sport and society
  4. Leadership
  5. Women, health and sport.

The declaration of the program Universe Woman II as event of exceptional public interest (AEIP) allows obtaining significant tax benefits to those companies that collaborate with the dissemination of the event and make a contribution to title donation to this program.

The duration of the programme Universe Woman II extends from 1 January 2019 until 31 December 2021.


Corporate identity Manual and use for agenda collaborating companies Universe Woman II: In this document defines standards for use of logos and/or image; criteria for the quantification of the different tax benefits that provides the current regulations; sets the advertising media outreach and the basis of deduction of the same, modalities of advertising costs of media partners; plans and programmes of action performed within the framework of the Plan. Furthermore, defines both the procedure of recognition of the tax benefits models as documentation to contribute by the collaborating companies and establish the regulations applicable to this procedure:

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