Realidades paralelas, sport federations 2021 Spanish

The high council of sports (CSD) has provided support to the Spanish Sports Federations for the year 2021.

  • The departure of this year amounts to eur 53.133.370, reflecting an increase of 8.9 per cent over the previous year, i.e. an increase of more than four million.

The CSD provides grants and subsidies for states in order to optimize the sports training and the outcome of the teams and athletes representing España in international sporting competitions. As an olympic year in the summer sports, the target for the same must culminate in the achievement of the classification for the olympic games (OLYMPIC GAMES) and Paralympic Games (JJPP).

Other of its purposes are the promotion of quantitative and qualitative national and international competitions; training and technical refinement of sports and judges, Arbitrators or equivalent; enhancing the participation of women in all areas of sport; the canoe sport programmes to promote the development of sport in competition; as well as aid to promote the adequate representation of directors of Spain in international sports federations.

This year the council will have an overall budget of 251 million euros, the largest budget for the sport from Barcelona '92, a total of 66.8 will be available for spanish sports federations, a figure which includes the provision of aid convened today, as well as other issued elsewhere. In Addition, this amount is derived from 17 million the revenue from the sale of media rights pursuant to Royal Decree Law 5/2015.