Sport insurance, ongoing. Athletes "tendrán" in the CAR of Madrid


During the months of confinement in Spain all high-level sportsmen had traced the chicanery to maintain minimally the form in their homes. They Were very hard times and already, fortunately, past.

Now the high performance Centres (CAR) of the High Council of sports (CSD) have returned to the new normal permitted under strict safety and hygiene standards to resume workouts. In this sense, are more than 3,000 athletes who have returned to make use of the different facilities of our CAR since the beginning de-escalation.


Gymnastics, both artistic and rhythmic, next to the swimming, the weightlifting, badminton, athletics and triathlon are just some of the sports in this month of August, in the middle of the heatwave, continue with their workouts at full capacity. The high performance centres of CSD and, in particular, the CAR of Madrid not only have not closed but maintains a continuous activity of sportsmen and daily entering and leaving its rooms of weights, tatami, mats, pool, parquet flooring and where they develop their workouts. Here the only difference are the stringent sanitary and hygienic measures and masks. And, as the occupation of the residence Blume, in this month of August, is almost 100% of its capacity.

Sara Andrés

Often the general public, fans and followers of sports tend to retain on their minds and iconic image triumphalist sportsmen uploaded on the podium collecting their medals, listening anthems and posing for photographers. However, few repair that behind these images much dedication, sacrifice, effort and many hours of training. Even when the majority is on holiday them and they are working very hard


Gymnastics, at full capacity.Sara Bayón,rhythmic gymnastics coach of the CAR of Madrid, confesses that “ we are working since it opened the CAR of Madrid and have not stopped, has only had a weekend girls to go home with their parents and we will not stop because we have a great goal championship Europa in the month of November, which is said to us JJ.OO ”.


"the important thing is the health of our athletes and all measures and precautions are few. We Are safe; the only handicap that have taken girls in his return to workouts is that could not be changing the aircraft to each other, a characteristic of our sport in whole. It has already passed the time in which the gymnasts are boards and according to the security protocols are no longer this limitation and can prepare all exercises for the competition, ”

For his part,Lucia Stew,sorter of artistic gymnastics team female explains the return to the trainings “ from the month of June, when it opened the residence Blume, because the vast majority of the gymnasts are outside Madrid and we found an impeccable cleanliness and hygiene and with all the facilities ready for a return safely to workouts. Everything is impeccable. Enter the CAR and was like enter house. ” “ Next week we will take a few days of rest. The championship of Europa will be in December and what we want is to return to normalcy ”

GAF artistic

The first team of Artistic Gymnastics that, like the artistic female team, is already classified for games of Tokio, works tirelessly since the reopening of installations CAR of Madrid. Under the watchful eye of coachesFernando Siscar Tap and Babythe gymnasts remain with their preparation for the next competition Tokio important before, the European December. “ Everything is very clean and well, with all measures of hygiene and safety. Except the first days, where he had strict constraints in selected rooms seating, we are working with normality and continue training throughout the month of August, where we will only some days off, ” explains Siscar.

GAM artistic

In the same building where the rooms dedicated to the artistic and rhythmic gymnastics stands the indoor pool 50 metres.Darío Careers, head of the swimming equipment Adapted, leads to a small group of swimmers who do series in the central streets with the aim of obtaining the qualification for the Paralympic Games. Despite the inconvenience caused by the absence of competitions, explains that swimmers have not lost illusion and continue to work with maximum requirement. Darío explains that swimming has had more difficult in comparison with other disciplines and adds “ We want to thank the staff effort of facilities. The cleaning and security helps us everything and we work very pleasant ”.


With competition or without it, because even the pandemic still campando leisurely, the only truth is ahead loading weight in the bars. This is very well awareCuts matías, national coach of the Real Spanish Federation weightlifting, which oversees daily workouts of the imposing their athletes, “ in the sports back is being complicated, because we still do not know what will happen with the championship of Europa that has to be Balanced in. In a matter of safety, hygiene and cleaning everything is very well, in addition to not be a contact sport both have no problem ”.


Another group of athletes who have returned to train the CAR is formed by the triathletes. The technician of the Spanish Federation of Triathlon,Cybele Zaragoza, explains how to have lived the return to work in the centre of High performance of Madrid, “ now, we are preparing the championship of Spain which is in the middle, the end of this month. We have been lucky because during the time of confinement as we have the rollers because they have been able to work in one of the segments, and that gives us quite advantage in return. The return in the other two segments, swimming and career, has been winds, focusing in a little more work more specific in bike. Return, the truth is that has been for all a joy ”.

Triathlon 1

Under the inconvenience caused by the stringent security measures and hygiene, Raaj added, “ I think is easier than in many other sites because everything is very clear and are uncompromisingly protocols. To do things well and always since it is much easier. The first day you must adapt as in all sides; something that has happened with us also in our everyday lives, but otherwise is the site to work easier now ”.

Ray Flash Shoe

Continues the series "Sport insurance, launched". The global pandemic has conditioned completely the life of the planet, and sport is not less. Many of our champions, committed to# LaVueltaResponsable,have changed their schedules, its rhythms, planning competetitive



Members ofnational selection boxingwere concentrated in the centre of high-performance Sierra Nevada when it was declared a state of alarm in Spain and the ensuing confinement.

Long corridors, silence, faint light … “ seemed to the hotel of The Brightness ”, tell us from the Spanish Federation of boxing, which took their 14 members of the national team concentrated over a month. Were practically alone in the rooms, thus fulfilling safety measures.

In the first two weeks of confinement, could not even eat together. Each tray went up to the room. The two weeks, could match in the dining room.

“ in Grenade were only 14 people, along with a few more triathlon sportsmen and swimming. The protocols were so tight that if you forgot something in the room, having to go in one direction, you had to give back almost the whole building to collect things ”, remembers from the federation.

Training of the Spanish selection boxing in the CAR of Madrid

ForRafa Lozano, selecting nationalthese weeks have been difficult to manage: “ because it is a group that is very united, in which only had contact between them. We lives in rooms and only in the training could agree. then the two weeks, we together in the dining room. It has been very strange because we are a small family and it was rare be separated ” specifies the double Olympic medallist.

Boxing Material

Lozano has a dual reading of forced shutdown which has affected the entire global sport: “ has been quite tiring, because they were at a time so fantastic, which was in the preolímpico of Heathrow. We have broken the pace of competitions, the state of form … but it is also true that for other has served to recover from injuries, and above all, to gain experience. for example, the girls: have good results, although at the beginning of the year, send a Marruecos for confidence picked disputing competitions. What needs to be drawn is that the group wins international experience. Even for Gabriel and Quiles, that although already have square to Tokio, always take tables in fighting ”, tells Rafa.

Training in the CAR of Madrid

Return to Madrid

The “ group ” refers to Lozano Rafa, consisting of 14 boxers, has returned to the CAR of Madrid, its usual place of training. “ also that was important, because everyone pulls all. It Is an individual sport, but the union that have is enormous and motivate between them. ”

Members of the national team of boxing, swim in the CAR of Madrid

“ being in the CAR, with all the group as a whole is a luxury. We have so much excitement in the goals we have marked and still all together is easier to work for them, ” come from the Spanish Federation of Boxing. These objectives referred to entangle are 5 boxers Spanish in the Olympic games of Tokio, for those who are already classified Learning Gabriel (-52 kg) and José Quiles (27,000 kg) ”.

Learning Gabriel

The national coach, Carlos Peñate, tying the gloves to one of its pupils

But before thinking to one year view, the sports planning focuses on the “ here and now ”. “ We are to 70% of our pace. Due to security measures, we cannot do battle. Do a kind of imaginary shadow, we technique, defence and against attack by couples … but always remotely ”, account Lozano Rafa, which adds: “ are as the beasts, desiring to go to combat, ” confesses.

The global pandemic has conditioned completely the life of the planet, and sport is not less. Had to adapt to a new reality, but that many athletes assume as a new challenge. Have changed their schedules, its rhythms, the sports planning … what has not changed, nor will, is the daily ritual of greetings between team members. With masks, continue to clash their fists every time you start the training session.




“ aerobic level I had. Also the force, but the sensations of contact with water have lost a bit and it is costing me most recover, ” account from the pool of the CAR of MadridThin maryswimmer, Paralympic villages, double bronze medalist in the past Olympic games of River de Janeiro.

Thin mary

The confinement motivated by the pandemic jumped him “ in the best moment of form, because he was about to compete in spain championships, to validate the minimum brand with which travel to games of Tokio ”, recounts the swimmer zaragozana, alongside fellow workouts of these days – Enhamed Enhamed and Iván Salguero-, misses the objectives and competitions.

“ when closing the residence Blume I returned to my house, and during the first two months, I much bike, rowing machine and strength. When enabled already been travelling to the second residence, I went to a village house, where an inflatable pool installed. Very rudimentary, 3 meters long, I tying with ropes to a tree, but that eventually was a plus because the sensations stroke ”.

María Thin 2

To swimmers who train regularly in the pool of the CAR are not has meant an extra effort to adapt to security measures. "Do not share street, because we have enough space, and each has its own fins, bottles of water, the bag … because there is everything with chlorine, disinfects much ”, detailed María, which says that these measures are “ relevant and necessary ”.

Training Useful

"we have returned better than we thought, ” adds, “ and now what is needed is have objectives, upload in motivation, put goals of brands, to continue with the preparation for Tokyo. Without pushing hard to avoid injury, but already thinking in competitions, for when they date ”.

Iván Salguerocoincides with his companion María: “ yes it is true that if you are long without swim. You Lose technical, not agarras well water, as you choose, you will not fine. But after a month, nearly two, which we have been in the CAR, yes I have regained the sensations, ” says the swimmer navarro, who also highlights: “ what I am happier is the commitment, reaching the training schemes … I think so I have not lost much shape ”.

Iván Salguero 1

In terms of security measures that must follow necessarily in the CAR, Iván account that “ the principle becomes rare. For example, in the residence Blume, in the dining room, when you have to give the food in the supermarket … at the end you get used because they are logical and reasonable ”.

Iván Salguero 2

For his part,Enhamed Enhamedwith nine Paralympics medals, and today highlighted motivational speaker, makes the following reading of the shutdown of the pandemic: “ I was surprised how well I returned, cardio-level and physiology am even better, but I am having re thought about “ why ”. I want to say that I with a lot of illusion, with plenty of desire, but without a specific objective. And it costs ”.

Enhamed 1

Anecdotally, explains that “ my guide dog does not understand very well the safety distance with the people, and I also passes Reverse. I am blind and I do not see if I am approaching too to persons ”, tells the best swimmer Paralympic Spanish history after Floor Lamps Pear Trees.

Enhamed 1

José Luis Cowboy, the coach of the group of swimmers with visual impairment, coincides with its three swimmers to point out that the slowdown has affected the sensations: “ the human being is designed to run, jump, climb … but not to swim. So you lose the sensitivity with water jet there is a kind ”.

Enhamed 3

When asked about the best anecdotes of confinement, recalled: “ There were days in which was very rare to enter the CAR, was desert. There is nobody else, we had the pool for us alone ”.

It also explains that, at times, felt frightened by the situation created: “ whenever touring weights, that this Neo Nazi or rubbers, desinfectábamos. And if we had doubts, we returned to disinfect. For example, to Enhamed, who is blind, gave him the weights in the hand and always I thought to myself “ Do I will be disinfected ”?.

In the early dates of August, the group will rest a few weeks before returning to workouts. Will go to the pool to train for the Paralympic Games de Tokyo 2020, with plans, objectives, quite possibly in October official tournaments … but as always, without using the dressing rooms.

Salguero _ Cowboy and thin

Not because cannot use them, but because they are more than accustomed to be changed in just three minutes to go to the gym, the residence Blume, to the power …

Continues the series "Sport insurance, launched". The global pandemic has conditioned completely the life of the planet, and sport is not less. Many of our champions, committed to# LaVueltaResponsable,have changed their schedules, its rhythms, planning competetitive