Aid to sportswomen

For Sportswomen in 2020

10 June has been published in the BOE extract of the resolution of the chairmanship of Higher Council of sports, which aids to Sportswomen in 2020.

Applications may be submitted via telematics through the electronic site CSD.

To access the document, click the following link:

For more information, as well as for your application and processing, contact the link of the electronic site Higher Council of sports:

https :// idProcedimiento = 94 & botonSeleccionado = 2

This invitation of aid is addressed to facilitate the reconciliation of sporting life and staff to sportswomen with Federation licence in force for maternity, conciliation dela sport life and family and/or formal academic training. This will be the situations described below:

1.- Aid to women who are high-level athletes (DAN) by birth, adoption or fostering during the year 2019.

2.- Aid to sportswomen give and/or members of national teams, to reconcile sporting life and family with children under three years enrolled in childhood educational centres or caregiver, in the year 2020.

3.- Aid to sportswomen give and/or members of national teams, for formal academic training on the academic course 2019-2020.