“ Prizes Lilí Álvarez ” for journalistic work on the sport

Is already in progressIV edition of the awards Lilí Álvarez, summoned by the institute for women and for equal opportunities (IMIO) in collaboration with the High Council of sports,and are intended to highlight thejournalistic works best have contributed to the dissemination and defence of equality between women and men in the field of sports and to highlight the sport in spain.

Prizes Lilí Álvarez

Provides four categories, depending on the format of the work, disseminated in both conventional means (press, radio and television) as in digital media or other web sites.

Presentation applications:

  • In the General of the institute for women and for equal opportunities, at C/Countess of Venadito nº 34, 28027-Madrid.
  • In any of the offices and records it refers to the point 4 of Article 16 of the law 39/15, 1 October Common Administrative procedure of public administrations, aimed at the General Registry of the Institute for women and for equal opportunities, indicating on the ‘ Prize “ Lilí Alvarez ”.
  • By choosing the presentation by Electronic Register, will be done in the common Electronic Registration of the ministry of health, social services and equality at the following address:https :// rec.redsara.es/search/action/are/acceso.do

Deadline for submission of applications:30 calendar days from the day following the publication of the extract in the BOE, so it starts the deadline for submission on 12 September and ends at 15 hours a day, 11 October 2020 (Art. 30, point 5 of the law 39/2015 1 October common administrative procedure of public administrations).

For more information:https :// www.inmujer.gob.es/servRecursos/calls/2020/IVPremiosLliliAlvarez.htm