European sports week

The sixth edition of the European sports Week (SED), an initiative of the European commission to combat sedentarism, will be held between23 and 30 September next. The Thirst marks sosimultaneously in all member countries of the HAT and others from the rest of the continent, coming to accede over 40 countries


# Espasión

The goal is to involve all social strata in the promotion of physical activity and sport among the population.

In this edition of 2020 we want the SED to celebrate in Spain become an international reference, a model to be followed by other countries in the fight against the scourge of obesity and a sedentary lifestyle growing for a healthy and active life. Unfortunately, the design of activities initially raised has had to radically change due to the COVID19.

For this we will call to action to citizens through the following:

  4. Gyms, SPORTS CENTRES, PDMs...
  5. INDEPENDENT PARTICIPACIÓN (“ free ”) (For those who have not been summoned by any of these institutions)

Photo contest CSD-BEACTIVE/video

Given the constraints to develop massive sporting events we propose to these institutions to raise its users to participate in theweek contest European sports 2020 (SED-20): CSD-BEACTIVE photo/videothrough social networks:TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which is explained below.


  1. Quizphotographwith sport as a central theme.
  2. Quizfunny videosdoing sport.
  3. Quizvideos with challenges to be overcomethat require the use of a sporting prowesswith choreography.
  4. Quizvideos with challenges to be overcomethat require the use of a sportwithout choreography.
  5. Video competitionshowing the adaptation of the practice of a sport to prevention measures of contagion governing the new Normality.

The videos should beoriginaland have aless than 30 seconds.


Each entity (federation, university, educational centre, gym) should propose their participation to your target audience (amateur for their sportFederationsstudents and teachers; for theUniversities; students, teachers and AMPAs forEducational Centres; monitors and users ofGyms).


After being summoned by the respective entities each author mustburn(and edit if possible)a videoin TikTokthat conforms to any of the categories proposals andupload it to TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAMwith the hashtags # BeActive, # SemanaEuropeaDelDeporte20 and nominating to the entity that has convened (e.g. @IESMelinchon) in networks that this entity provides.


Received videos, each entity will select their 3 winners, the three best proposals according to the criteria[1]and we will reach the platform of the SED-20

  • The information of the entityyou will be asked to register on the platform.
  • Number of Videos by Categoryuploaded to networksby its users (for this is vital to ensure that your uploaded video or photo linked to your institution)until 30 September2020.
  • Finally,until 14 October,upload the platform of the SED20 the url of its three videos selected in their respective category.Can upload a maximum of three proposalsalready correspond to one, two or three different categories.


Below, since the CSD select the most interesting proposals giving prize to:

  • The authors of the three best proposals for each category (prizes 5x3 cubies = 15).
  • Institutions that more videos/photos received for your challenge/contest until 30 September, differentiating between institutions. (prizes 4x3 = 12).
  • The best of each category of participants “ independent ” (5x1 = 5 prizes)

Bidders who remain in the positions 4th to 10th of each category are sent to their homes a gift for his outstanding participation.

Therefore be20 prizes for the authorsmore12 prizes for the institutions(3 for federations, 3 for universities, 3 for the secondary schools and other 3 for gyms) with more participation.A total of 32 Prizes.

To choose the trophy will be assessed very positivelythatin the videos/photosappear written or readviva voce:European week of sport. ¡BEACTIVE!That is the motto of the Thirst.


The prize for the 20 authors of the videos/photographswill be:

  • A sports equipment kit universal
  • A trophy designed for the occasion.
  • Return ticket to their destinations for two people and a double room hotel with breakfast included.

The prize for federations, universities, secondary schools and Gymswill be:

  • A trophy designed for the occasion.
  • A banner # adhesiveBeActive!to put in their facilities.
  • Return ticket to their destinations for two people and a night with breakfast included.

All participants will receive:

  • A Certificate of participation in the SED-20 after upload your videos to the platform thirst.
  • A banner # adhesiveBeActive!to put in its facilities (for the first participating organizations until the end of stock. Shall 100 units).


It is possible that someone he reaches this call through a friend but no institution has convened. In that case may participate in modeFREEand it is sufficient to upload your videoTikTokthe RRSS:TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM with the Hashtags# BeActive, # SED20Libre[2]and nominating to @deportegob (Twitter of CSD). this way will participate directly in the category of Free. In this case you can only participate for a maximum of two categories and a maximum of three works by category. For this mode will bea prize by categoryidentical to the authors who have paticipado through the institutions whenever aminimum of 10 proposals in the selected category.


Trophies will be delivered in aShow appreciation to participation in the SED-20attended by senior officials of CSD.. This will take place at the headquarters of CSD in mid-November after which will offer a wine Spanish to all attendees. If possible a guided visit to the facilities of the CAR of Madrid. There Will Be 7 accésits by category to which they will send a detail to their homesA total of 35 second prize. All we would have liked to enjoy sport in full freedom and in the company but we must go acostumbrándonos to take all possible precautions while waiting for that appears a vaccine that allows us to relax the hygiene measures recommended by experts on health.

[1]The criteria that will be used for the selection of the winners are: Difficulty of the movement or choreography, image quality, number oflikesregistered to date 15 October, respecting standards of safety COVID19 (CONDICIÓN IMPERATIVE), is inserted the logo # BEACTIVE! Audio or video; Originality and plastic Wealth.

[2]We must put the corresponding to the category by which presents: # SED20LibreFoto, # SED20LibreDivertido, # SED20Librecoreo, # SED20LibreReto and # SED20LibreNuevaNormalidad.

Our values: commitment, respect, inspiration, integrity, effort and exemplary.

Ambassadors SED 2020

Ray Flash Shoe(Holy Sunday, 26 May 1993).

Spanish is an athlete that competes in artistic gymnastics, specializing in testing ground and jump. As outstanding achievements, has won a bronze medal in the world championship of Artistic Gymnastics 2015 and a gold medal in the European Games of Bakú 2015, both in soil.

Ray Flash Shoe

Classified for Tokio 2020

Sara Andrés(Madrid, 21 August 1986), athlete Paralympic villages.

Bronze medal in the global athletics in Southwark 400 and 200 metres sprint. World Record in the 100m in the world Cto Chier (2019) World record, beaten up to 3 times, in long jump, to achieve the 4.07 metres in category T62.

Sara Andrés

Classified for Tokio 2020.

Ester showpost.php?(Barcelona, 22 January 1990).

Is a Spanish polo player plays doorwoman as in the CN Sabadell division of Honour feminine and in the Spanish team. Has achieved all the successes of the water polo Spanish.

  • Europe Subcampeona in 2008
  • Olympic Subcampeona in London 2012.
  • World champions and better championship doorwoman at Barcelona 2013
  • In the world Subcampeona Budapest 2017 and 2019 Gwangju, best championship doorwoman on both occasions.
  • Twice champion of Europa 2014 and 2020
  • Best European player 2017 and 2019 by LEN
Ester showpost.php?

For 2020 Tokio classified

Previous editions of the week European sports
  • EUROPEAN WEEK OF SPORT 2019: "Do sport, practiced Culture".

    In this edition of the European Week of sport, from the CSD have taken a step further and we have linked sport with culture. Through the campaign ‘ Do sport, practiced Culture ’, this year has been proposed to citizenship the challenge of walking by the State Museums of Madrid. Through a video, involving altruistically great athletes as Pau Gasol or Javier Fernández, and brochures available in museums, we have tried to make the citizens of the benefits of doing sport and lead active lives, while exercised another “ muscle ”, the brain.

  • Relevant data thirst _ EwoS 2019:

  • We doubled the number of activities from 23 to 30 September platform rises over the previous year: the 336 registered activities in 2018, proceed to a total of 682 activities in 2019
  • According to the data of the executive agency of education, Audiovisual and culture – EACEA-, Spain has been the country with greater impact on social networks of the 42 countries participating with 23%, followed by the kingdom united with 17.4%.
  • 12 Events were organized # BEACTIVE with direct support from CSD across the Spanish territory
  • There were more than 340,000 participants.
  • Sixteen of the 17 Autonomous Communities that form our country.
  • {"preview _ thumbnail": "/sites/default/files/styles/video _ embed _ wysiwyg _ preview/public/video _ thumbnails/0Op4X4riWg0.jpg? itok = 5AJ5sLAO "," video _ url ":" https :// "," settings ": {" responsive ":1," width ":" 854 "," height ":" 480 "," auto play feature ":0}," settings _ summary ": [" Embedded Video (Adaptable). "]}

    The fifth edition of the European Week of sport was held from 23 to 30 September 2019. In our country was inaugurated on September 21 in the centre of High Performance of Madrid with an open house event attended by more than a thousand people. From 23 to 27 September events were held promotion with sports activities in municipalities, schools, universities, hostiptales, sports clubs, workplaces, museums, etc. The Week was closed with the celebration of twelve # BEACTIVE NIGHTS in various Spanish emphasizing the Royal City of the night from 28 to 29 September. In this edition have been recorded more than double rises activities to the platform of the European Week of sport which climbed in the previous edition, shows the growing commitment of sports entities with this initiative. In this video you can discover how was the BeActive Night of Royal City.

    {"preview _ thumbnail": "/sites/default/files/styles/video _ embed _ wysiwyg _ preview/public/video _ thumbnails/4Cw0C1oauKU.jpg? itok = uGD-HqlE "," video _ url ":" https :// "," settings ": {" responsive ":1," width ":" 854 "," height ":" 480 "," auto play feature ":0}," settings _ summary ": [" Embedded Video (Adaptable). "]}


    The fourth edition of the European Week of sport was held from 23 to 30 September 2018 and the official opening at European level took place in Viena, Austria. At the national level was inaugurated on 23 September in the esplanade of the king of Madrid River. Subsequently, moved the Sport Village to Valencia, where held an evening # beactive (or “ beactive night ”) the night between 29 and 30. In this edition, from 24 to 28 was launched the caravan # beactive, leaving Madrid and with the final destination Valence, from 24 to 28 September stopped in the towns of Tarancón, Basin, Sarrión (Teruel), Tortosa and Castellón.

    {"preview _ thumbnail": "/sites/default/files/styles/video _ embed _ wysiwyg _ preview/public/video _ thumbnails/6al1-Nu0nzY.jpg? itok = fj3vZJV6 "," video _ url ":" https :// "," settings ": {" responsive ":1," width ":" 854 "," height ":" 480 "," auto play feature ":0}," settings _ summary ": [" Embedded Video (Adaptable). "]}


    The third edition of the European Week of sport was held from 23 to 30 September 2017 and the official opening at European level took place in Tartu, Estonian. At national level, the CSD held once again an act in the Plaza de Colón with various sports demonstrations.


    In 2016 was held the second edition of the European Week of sport with the main objective of promoting the participation in sport and physical activity throughout Europe. At national level, the CSD held a new act on square Colón with various sports demonstrations.


    The first week European sports, cofinanced through the programmes Erasmus + of the European commission, was held from 7 to 13 September 2015. The Colón Square of Madrid hosted various sports demonstrations.