European Week of sport

The European Week of sport (SED), european commission's initiative to combat sedentarization, was held simultaneously in all eu member countries and others in the rest of the continent that has been accumulated from 2015, to accede to 41 countries in 2021.

The aim is to involve all segments of society to carry out one or more actions that promote physical activity and good eating habits among the population.

In this edition of 2021 we wanted the thirst for Spain to return to beat the registers of participation in the activities promoted by the entities involved in sport in the fight against the scourge of obesity and growing sedentary life, in favour of a healthy life based on the physical exercise and adequate food.

It was called to action:


In this edition, which has suffered still the risk of infection by COVID, we still have time to promote mass and events in previous editions to the pandemic but we wanted to encourage them to continue to work with this initiative for the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles by three different tracks:


Theconduct and logging participatory sportsWith the aim of monitoring the impact of the SED, as called for by the eu, the CSD offered aregistration platformwhere sports events to be conducted in the framework of the SED, could be registered. The registration of an event allowed its organizer receive, for their use, the official seal # BEACTIVE and new logo of the CSD identifying such action as an activity of thirst.

Once completed the registration, after upload a photo representative of the event, the systemautomatically issued a certificate of participationwith the registration with the photo sent. Although the picture will necessarily had to take the following the conclusion of the event, we recommend that the register of the activity is done in advance to enable it to play dissemination.


Promoting the involvement of their municipalities in theMunicipalities # BEACTIVE through sport:

Were invited to make a short video (about 1 ’ 30 ”), explaining all sport can be done in their municipality, stressing their special attractions, if any, either in facilities of the city council and in private facilities or taking advantage of its natural environment. We Have awarded the best, divided into different categories, depending on population:

1. Municipalities of up to 5,000 inhabitants (6829) (3 prizes)

2. Municipalities of 5001 et until 20.000 inhabitants (889) (3 prizes)

3. Municipalities of 20.001 up to 100,000 inhabitants (1150) (3 prizes)

4. Municipalities of 100.001 up to 500,000 inhabitants (57) (3 prizes)

In this link you'll find the details of participation and the terms and conditions:



Each year are convened # BeActive awards given by the european commissionand divided into 3 categories:Best,toLocal hero andtoBest place to workin relation to the empowerment of initiatives for the improvement of physical activity and sport, are endowed with €10,000 for each category for the winners and 2,500 euros for the finalists (the year 2021 amounts that are expected to be confirmed in 2022). The nominations can be sent to the mailboxinfosed@csd.gob.esusing the established format and that in 2021 had the following constraints:

Candidates for local hero must be over 18 years.

Will not be eligible projects under development but those who have started their implementation but not yet concluded.

The convening in july often leave so requests should be submitted to the CSD before july 2002 to be reviewed by the CSD before shipping.

The language of the application was preferably english, therefore, they are not translated.

The winners have been selected based on the following criteria:

1. Relevance of the project (0-35 points): in this approach, the projects will be evaluated in terms of how they contribute to the overall objective of supporting the adoption of an active lifestyle, taking also into account the priorities of the EC on gender equality, Healthy lifestyle for all and green sport;

2. The quality of the project (0-35 points): under this approach, the projects will be evaluated in accordance with the quality of the overall design of the activities described and the methodology used to implement them;

3. Impact of the project (0-30 points): under this approach, the projects will be evaluated based on the impact and sustainability of the activities described; the extent that the activities will take place also after the completion of the project, including the impact of the project participants and their communities.

The nominations are to send the mailboxinfosed@csd.gob.esusing the established format in the following links (when you leave the convening of 2022 updated):

Should complete the following statement:
You can learn more in the following links but remember that the request can only be processed through the CSD (


The trophies were delivered in a show appreciation to the participation in the SED-21 attended, together with the winners, high-level authorities of the CSD, influencers, SED-21 ambassadors and representatives of the partners whose involvement has been key to the proper implementation of this event. This gala took place at the headquarters of the CSD on 19 november, following which offered a spanish wine everyone attending. Previously, a guided visit to Madrid with jubiljaram at the Gala event..

Our values: Commitment, respect, inspiration, integrity, effort and setting an example.

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