About the CMED

In operation since more than fifty years ago, the center of sports medicine (CMED) is the only with state in spain. Its functions are centred on the study and follow-up of top athletes' regard to valuation functional and the protection of their health, supplemented with research, advocacy and intervention in medical protocols. In the CMED médico-deportivos recognitions are more than 1000 spanish athletes each year betweenAthletes from high level and high performance Athletes, with special dedication (by its location) sportsmen residing in the centre of High performance of Madrid (Blume Joaquín Residence) of High Council of sports.

For sportsmen who are treated in the CMED a full medical examination includes: clinical laboratory, anthropometry, cardiology, physiology of effort, locomotor system, diagnostic imaging and dynamic plant, and medicine, endocrinology and nutrition. In Addition, if it finds, there are other within explorations Control units of performance, physiotherapy, psychological and physical Rehabilitation.

On the other hand, along the sports season, tests are performed or exploration for control of training or follow certain pathologies, at the request of doctors and CMED Spanish sports federations.

Certain exploration or complementary tests are carried out in other health centres concluded with the CMED.