Spanish agency of health protection in sport

TheSpanish agency of health protection in sport (AEPSAD)it is a public agency through which are state policies of health protection in sport. Among them and so special, anti-doping.

Our Vision

Driving force of a sport healthy and clean, key in a free society of doping and traps.

Our Mission

The mission of the AEPSAD is the protection of the right to health for all athletes and the right to participate in a competition without traps, under conditions of equality.

To achieve its mission, the work of the AEPSAD has four main axes: protect, deter, detect and enforce.

  1. AEPSAD protects the health through the creation of a genuine system of health protection in sport and sporting activity.
  2. AEPSAD discourages traps and of doping through education, the control of doping and the momentum of projects that help in understanding of this social scourge and its eradication.
  3. AEPSAD detects violations of anti-doping policy through the control programs of doping and research programmes.
  4. AEPSAD enforces antidoping rules penalizing any breach of the same, using the current legislation.

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