Spanish Commission for the Combat Doping in sport (CELAD)

Spanish Commission for the Combat Doping in sport (CELAD)it is a public body through which the state policies of health protection in sport. Among them and in particular, anti-doping.

Our Vision

Fuerza impulsora de un deporte sano y limpio, fundamental en una sociedad libre de dopaje y de trampas.

Our Mission

The mission of the CELAD is the protection of the right to health of all sports fans and the right to participate in a competition without traps on an equal footing.

Para lograr su misión, el trabajo de la CELAD tiene cuatro ejes principales: proteger, disuadir, detectar y hacer cumplir.

  1. CELAD protects human health through the creation of a genuine system of health protection in sport and sporting activities.
  2. CELAD reluctant and traps of doping through education, the control of doping and the momentum of projects that will help in understanding of this social scourge and to eliminate it.
  3. CELAD detects violations of the anti-doping policy programmes for drug control and research programmes.
  4. CELAD enforces the anti-doping rules penalizing any infringement thereof, in accordance with the legislation in force.