Definition and GIVE accreditation

High-level Sondeportistas, those that have been accredited as such, by resolution of the president of the High Council of sports. Relations of high-level athletes are published in the BOE.

These athletes must meet the requirements and conditions defined in the artículos3 and 4 of royal decree on high-level athletes and high performance, prior to be accredited as high-level, and will lose this condition according to losartículos 15 and 16 of this Royal Decree.

The application of the status of high level, is done via the Spanish Federation, within a maximum of 6 months after sporting competition, in which the sportsman has made the result. Once included in the resolution, the sportsman can apply directly certificate of such status to the High Council of sports (91 5896680).

To check whether a person is, or has been highly trained athletes, click here to access theConsulting service high-level Athletes.