Program of attention to the top-level - PROAD

The High Council of sports (CSD), part of the ministry of culture and sport, has launched the care programme sportsman (PROAD) in collaboration with the National College Graduates of doctors and in political science and sociology, institution of recognized prestige in the area sociolaboral.

This program is designed to high-level sportsmen (DAN) to try to respond to some of their professional needs. It is the result of the commitment of the CSD to specify and develop what sets in this regard Article 17 of the royal decree 971 / 2007 on high-level athletes and high performance.

Top-level sport is a sports practice of interest to the state by the values in society. Is an essential factor in the development of sport, and a stimulus for the promotion of sport basis, linked to the representative function of Spain in sports competitions officers of international character.

Athletes have full dedication to this activity, with the gaining in excellent professional attributes, motivation of achievement, teamwork, commitment and responsibility, etc. However, demands and efforts that are derived from it, trainings, concentrations, competitions and continuous trips offer sometimes an obstacle to the development of desirable careers complementary to your career.

The program addresses these difficulties with the intention to reduce its incidence and allow the athletic achievements are complemented by professional successes. Any Spanish society participates of these Successes, and therefore the program seeks to coordinate and energizing performances with different public institutions and private agencies who want to get involved in the development of top-level sport and their values.