III prize “ Lilí Álvarez ” for journalistic work on the sport

The institute for women and for equal opportunities, in collaboration with the Superior Council of sports, have failed the granting of the third edition of the awards Lilí Alvarez of Journalism. These awards distinguish those articles that have contributed to the defence of equality between men and women in sports, as well as to disseminate the sport in spain.

The prizes, equipped with 2,000 euros each, consist of four categories audiovisual, radio, graphics and text. in the audiovisual category, the winner has been Antonia Rebolledo for his work “ the first woman … sportsman ”, issued in March TV. In the category of radio, Ana José Songs, But Also Includes, winner for its feature “ The essence of sport: Emma Falcón ” issued in “ RNE Mornings. ” In category chart, the award winning has been Pablo García by your photograph “ Survivors ”, published in the newspaper Brand. And, finally, the article “ Siege to federations ”, written by Miguel A. Barber and published in ABC, has been the winner in the category of text.

All of them have appreciated both the quality journalism work, according to their rigour, originality, interest and quality; as treatment for equality and visibility of the sport. Moreover, it has taken into account the recognition of the athletes and their achievements, denunciation of gender discrimination and space dedicated to the theme.


Categoríatexto -Winner: Miguel A. Barber/ABC/Article: Siege to federations

Category Radio -Winner: Ana José Songs, But Also Includes/RNE/Program: The morning of RNE with Alfredo Menéndez - The essence of sport: Emma Falcón

Category Figure –Winner: Pablo García/Sets/Photo: Survivors

Categoríaaudiovisual –Winner: Marian Rebolledo/March TV/Program: The first woman … sportsman

Alvarez Lili
  • The name of the award is a tribute to one of the main Spanish pioneers in breaking social obstacles to the practice of the sport by women: Elia María González-Álvarez and López-chicheri, better known as Lilí Álvarez. It was the first Spanish sportsman in participating in Olympic unosJuegos (the Winter of Chamonix, 1924). In addition to highlight as tennis and practise other sports, was writer and journalist.

For more information:http://www.inmujer.gob.es/servRecursos/convocatorias/2019/3EdicionPremiosLiliAlvarez.htm