Presentation and contact address

Presentation and contact address


Government policies regarding the improvement of the role of women in Spanish society are also reflected in the world of sport. Still sport a scenario especially sensitive due to the presence skewed male and is also a social reference of special visibility, equality policies are especially important in this world.

It is also true that the Spanish woman has become in recent decades a larger role in the world of sport, parallel to its incorporation active in all the social dimensions. This principle of participation is clearly documented by the increase in female participation in the different Spanish Olympic competitions, scraping in 2008 Pekín fifty percent.

Since the policies of momentum to the role of women in society, have emerged successive equality plans that since 1990 promote the incorporation of women in all areas where their presence was not equal, as well as preventing and combating inequality between women and hombres.Destacar the IV equality Plan

2003-2006, which favoured the appearance of the

, which gives publicity agreed cabinet which provide measures to promote equality between women and men published in the BOE 8 March 2005, and especially theAct 3 / 2007 of 22 March on effective equality between women and menas well as theStrategic Plan of equal opportunities 2008-2011.

In this context, under the framework of the command PRE / 525 / 2005 of 7 March the are createdWomen and Sport programswithin the High Council of sports, in the General Office sports and Promoting Paralympic Sport.

The main objetivode these programs is to encourage the participation of women in the field of physical activity and sport on equal terms than men, overcoming obstacles or barriers that still today hinder the reality of a practice with gender equity in this area of life.

Promoting the participation of women must be for all ages, sports modalities, degrees of involvement / competition and professional standards (technical positions, management, administration and management).

To cover this broad objective is indispensable coordination with multiple agencies (institute for women, sports federations, universities, Autonomous Communities, commission woman and sport of COE, municipalities, companies, etc.).

As main lines of actuacióncabe highlight the annual convening subsidies for specific programmes of woman and Sport (up and support), the momentum of sporting events in the CCAA, the signature of collaboration agreements with other agencies, the organization and participation in congresses, seminars, courses, as well as the approach and conducting research studies.

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