Training course for teachers

The result of the collaboration agreement between the CSD and institute for women and for equal opportunities has created this training course to docentesy trainers in order to increase their training in gender issue and equality.

The objectives to be achieved with the course are:

  • Analyze the terminology related to coeducation.
  • About the current status of the practice of physical activity in the girls and boys and analyze the internal and external factors that can influence.
  • Identify within the school environment elements that can improve to achieve equal opportunities in physical education classes.
  • Learn and develop strategies for work in physical education classes designed to equal opportunities for both sexes.
  • Learning objectives that promote coeducation.
  • Designing driving situations that promote equal opportunities for girls and boys.
  • Learn how to use a methodology that favours communication and the interest of all pupils.
  • Apply evaluation systems that take into account the individual characteristics of girls and boys.

Video:Good practices in coeducational school physical education