Modalities, specialities and evidence of federations

Here you can consult the programme of evidence partners; the current programme of evidence Olympic and Paralympics; and, finally, the relationship of sports modalities and specialities. The information displayed reflects the necessary structuring homogeneous to deal with data from calendar and results of all Spanish sports federations.

To perform specific queries of the specialties included in the statutes of different Spanish Sports Federations approved by the CSD use ourcontact form

Test program associated

Query the program modalities and specialities attached to Spanish sports federations. to identify the characteristics of each test provides the following caption:

  • OL Masc": male Olympic test.
  • OL Fem”: Olympic event.
  • Mixed OL”: Olympic Course mixed.
  • Open OL": Olympic test open (open).
  • No Masc OL": male Olympic not test.
  • Not OL Fem": Olympic not test.
  • Mixed OL not”: test Olympic not mixed.
  • Open OL not”: test Olympic not open (open).
  • P Masc": male Paralympic villages test.
  • P Fem”: test female Paralympic villages.
  • P Mixed”: test Paralympic villages mixed.
  • P Open”: test Paralympic villages open (open).
  • P Masc not": male Paralympic villages not test.
  • P not Fem”: test not Paralympic villages female.
  • P not Mixed”: test not Paralympic villages mixed.
  • P not Open”: test Paralympic villages not open (open).

Equally provides information from other attributes or characteristics of each test. Thus, indicates whether they are Individual or team, Melva two tests of equipment:

to)Team 1: All the equipment, with the exception of the Collective sports (Sports association) and those whose final result is obtained from the sum of the individual test results.

(b)Team 2: Evidence of Sports Team Sports association) and evidence of equipment whose final result is obtained from the sum of the individual test results.

(c)Evidence of simultaneous action: Are evidence of up to 4 components, those that constitute an attaché of 2, 3 or 4 athletes that make up a team, running an action repetitive and similar.

Also identifies those that areBATTLE(“ Comb. ”).

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Test program Olympic and Paralympics

You can consult the test programmes Olympic and Paralympics in the following documents:

For any consultation on evidence of Spanish sports federations, they can go directly to the respective federation which you will find in the nextlink.