European Week of sport 2023


The proposal we are sending to the sports federations is participating in the SED-23:

  1. Giving dissemination of SED-23in its media and networks.
  2. Supportto municipalities that wish to promote their sport during the SED-23.

Our aim is that each federation to thebeijing platform for thirstat least one of the action described by putting on record their participation.


The importance of theinfluencersit has been increasing during the pandemic and has been one of the keys to keep the workforce, which has been a physical and mental benefit is critical to many of us. From the CSD, faced with this situation of new normal, we want to grant them their work and encourage them to continue to promote physical activity and sport through their channels.

We want to encourage them to carry out a challenge in their social networks with # BEACTIVE, specially designed for the european week of sport, from 23 to 30 september. The three that will gain further “belgian” dated 1 october, the prize CSD _ BEACTIVE that will be delivered by the president of the CSD in the Gala of prices, at the end of november, in which it may encounter other influencers, with the authorities of the CSD, sportsmen SED-23 ambassadors and can enjoy a guided visit to Madrid. But, above all, have contributed to the promotion of healthy physical activity in this european initiative.

The Gala will be answered by the media.

To participate are kindly requested to send your proposal to challengeinfosed@csd.gob.eswith the following contents:

  • Complainant's name/influencer.
  • Social network used.
  • Pantallazo with the number of likes to dated 1 october.
  • Video link for visualization and possible edition for the Gala ceremony CSD-BEACTIVE.

The participation in this contest will make use of video winners by the CSD to promote SED-23.


Álvaro Hernández– known as Varo Hernández – (Madrid, 5 august 1995) is a spanish athletes competing in cycling in the form of BMX freestyle, specialist in testing flatland.1 Ganó ousted a silver medal in the european championship of Cycling BMX Freestyle from 2021.

Víctor Gutiérrez Santiago(Madrid, 6 march 1991) is a spanish waterpolista, member of the national selection and Swimming Club of Terrassa. It plays in the position of buoy. Is twofold graduated in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and secretary of the PSOE LGBTI policies.

Began playing polo the swimming Club The America 8 years. With 16, entered the High performance centre (CAR) deportivo de Madrid, where he began to balance its development as a sportsman with their education. At the age of 18 years, he signed for Real madrid club Canoe Swimming Club signing her first contract as a professional. The royal Canoe was captain equipment during 4 years, from 2016-2020. After 10 years in madrid set played at the Weekend but, since september 2002, play again in the royal Canoe in 2022-2023.

José ramón sanchis muñoz sub champion of europe under 18 division, world runner sub 20, and has been the top scorer of the division of spanish Honour seasons 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2019/20. Has been international on numerous occasions, more than 70, with the selection of spanish water polo, having held the year 2017.

Made public his homosexuality in an interview in 2016 in Shangay magazine Express, 2 map making him the first sportsman elite team sport to talk openly of their sexual orientation and become visible.

On 30 april 2021 the spanish federation of Swimming (RFEN) sanctioned the Nemanja Ubovic waterpolista nc, Sabadell, homophobic insults against Víctor Gutiérrez. This was the first sentence of this kind in professional english.

Its work as LGBTI activist + within the world of sport has granted it to be rewarded, award-winning on numerous occasions. Some of the distinctions are the prize to the diversity in sport in prize Alan Turing Award or the visibility in sport by Madrid Diversa, among others.

In september 2002 published a book called “ Ball yellow, flag arcoíris ”, tells her story as sportsman in elite sport, and reflecting on the difficulties faced by LGBTI people in the field of sport. It also addresses the changes required to fight the LGTBIFOBIA and achieve real equality in sport.

On 17 october 2021 was elected secretary for LGBTI policies of the PSOE 4 made during the 40 that the party congress held in Valencia.

Marta Arce Payno(Valladolid, 27 july 1977) is a spanish athletes competed in judo adaptado.1 Ganó ousted three medals in the paralympic summer games between 2004 and 2012.2 ousted soon ousted 3 4 5 map.

Arce was born in Valladolid with albinism, which in addition to the lack of pigmentation in the skin and hair, means serious visual impairment. He moved to Madrid to study physiotherapy physiotherapy school of the organization Nacional de Ciegos españoles (ONCE) attached to the autonomous university of Madrid, where she graduated as a physiotherapist. In Madrid began his career in sport has led it to achieve many medals in the paralympic games in judo adapted in the category of less than 63 kg, where it is since 2001, in rio de Janeiro in the world cup, winning medals for fourteen years. In 2021, represented España paralympic games, Tokyo 2020 being its last olympics before leaving.

Arce speaks english, italian and japanese. Is the mother of three children. She worked as a physiotherapist in Italy, in the community of Madrid, in a day centre, 6-made and on a number of clinics. He Studied a Máster in Communication and Periodismo Deportivo de Marca (newspaper).

It is currently a bold works as a lecturer and trainer and coach in collaboration with various agencies and institutions to make its experience as professional sportsman and continuing challenges.



Finally, after years of constraints caused by the pandemic, we have in 2022 organize a European Week of sport without limitations on special measures of preventive hygiene of infection.

In this 8th edition, held as every year from 23 to 30 september, we have reached record 773 activities, only 25 of the record reached 2019, which was of 798. We have supported entities such as COE, the COE, the foundation Sanniti or ELEVEN with other partners as the Foundation of regular and Spain, the Foundation Young Sport or the circuit Ploggin Tour. All of them have promoted activities within this week to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, sports and healthy consumer habits.

Melilla hosted the main event SED-2022 with a long day of activities that culminated with a # BEACTIVE NIGHT. This event joined other municipalities of Andalusia and the Region of Murcia, which were endorsed by the CSD in the form of dissemination materials and monitors for the development of their master-class hotel with a considerable public turnout. Lasted nine # BEACTIVE EVENTS with the direct support of the CSD. 13 of the 17 autonomous communities that form our country. This represents a reduction of participation by communities now for the next edition.


In this seventh edition of the european week of sport it did not promote many well-attended events, as was our custom in times pre-pandemia, owing to the validity of the risk of infection in Spain in spite of the mass vaccinations which took place in our country. Even so, we have been able to register a significant number of activities (191) from throughout the country have been uploaded to our platform.

We wanted to remain cautious and that is why we have organized a single large BEACTIVE event, the NIGHT of las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which was a success of assistance, in which visitors were able to practise a wide variety of sport modalities in a festive atmosphere. This video illustrates what has been done with the invaluable cooperation of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

We have also challenged the municipalities of Spain to send us a video about 1 ’ 30 ” to reflect the sporting activities of their country or city classified under four different categories, depending on population and have received 63 proposals of high quality of which we upload a shown below. We hope that these images motivate us to keep us assets by harnessing the resources that municipalities are at our disposal.

San esteban de Gormaz:

The Law:





The emergence of COVID-19 was the restriction of sport in Spain, especially at the end of september, after the summer, in which the number of infections and deaths was growing daily. This was the cancellation of all participative events that could be raised, including the we wanted to have taken place in Gijón, which had become a matter of days in a shooting behind closed doors of the master class allotted to have done in a central location next to the beach of San Lorenzo.

Instead we raised the participation in a course of photo and video to which there were a few high-quality works but, as happened with the rest of face-to-face events, the awards presentation ceremony also had to be suspended, deploying trophies to their respective destinations by postal mail.

Our hopes in the mass vaccinations that would allow us to come back to hold the SED as usual, with great participation of all the sports sector.

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The fifth edition of the european week of sport was held from 23 to 30 september 2019. In our country was inaugurated on 21 september at the High performance centre of Madrid with an open-door day involving more than a thousand people. From 23 to 27 september events were held on the promotion with sports activities in municipalities, schools, universities, hostiptales, sports clubs, workplaces, museums, etc. The Week ended with the holding of twelve # BEACTIVE NIGHTS in various spanish stressing the Royal City of the night of 28 and 29 september. It is noteworthy that in this edition has been more than double the activities that have been uploaded to the beijing platform for the european week of the Sport of rose in the previous edition, shows the growing commitment of the sporting bodies to this initiative. In this video you can discover how was the BeActive Night in Ciudad Real.

We doubled the number of activities carried out from 23 to 30 september platform rises over the previous year: from 336 registered activities in 2018, we come to a total of 682 activities in 2019. According to data of the executive agency for education, audio and visual Culture – EACEA-, España has been the largest impact on social networks of 42 participating countries to 23 per cent, followed by the united kingdom to 17.4 per cent.

12 EVENTS were organized # BEACTIVE directly supported by CSD throughout spanish territory. There were more than 340,000 participants. Sixteen of the 17 autonomous communities that form our country.

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    The fourth edition of the european week of sport was held from 23 to 30 september 2018 and the official opening at european level was held in vienna, Austria. At the national level was inaugurated on 23 september in the esplanade of the king of Madrid River. Subsequently, moved the Sport Village to Valencia, where it held an evening # beactive (or “ beactive night ”) the night between 29 and 30. In this edition, from 24 to 28 was launched the caravan # beactive, emerging from Madrid and Valencia as their final destination, from 24 to 28 september, was arrested in the towns of Tarancón, Cuenca, Sarrión (Teruel), Tortosa and Castellón.

    {"preview _ thumbnail": "/sites/default/files/styles/video _ embed _ wysiwyg _ preview/public/video _ thumbnails/6al1-Nu0nzY.jpg? itok = fj3vZJV6 "," video _ url "": https :// "," settings ": {" responsive ":1," width ":" 854 "," height ":" 480 "," autoplay ":0}," settings _ summary: ["" Embedded Video (Adaptable). "]}


    The third edition of the european week of sport was held from 23 to 30 september 2017 and the official opening at european level took place in Tartu, Estonia. At the national level, the CSD held once again an act in the Plaza de Colón with various sports activities.


    In 2016 was held the second edition of the european week of sport with the main goal of promoting participation in sport and physical activity across europe. At the national level, the CSD held an act of new in the Plaza de Colón with various sports activities.


    The first Week of sport, co-financed through Erasmus programmes + of the european commission, was held from 7 to 13 september 2015. The Plaza de colón of Madrid hosted various sports demonstrations.