Manifesto for equality and women's participation in sport


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Show "for equality and women's participation in sport"

Are evident social achievements of women in all areas, but despite the apparent equality between men and women, there are still obstacles to effective equality. Sport, as an activity fully integrated into our society, is no stranger to this reality.

There are many laws and initiatives at all levels, urging raise new ways of thinking and acting to make possible the transformation and change for achieving a more egalitarian society.

In the international context reflected this commitment the letter of the united nations, the Universal Declaration of human rights and the convention of nations United on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against women. In Spain the adoption of the law on effective equality between men and women Organic -Ley 3/2007 of 22 March reflects the desire to create the appropriate regulatory framework and favorable for further progress towards a fairer society and democratic.

Sport and physical activity, for its potential educational and media, constitute an engine of social change and long contribute to promote equality between women and men. However, the data of the most recent studies in this area reflect that there are still significant differences in female participation and representation in the different areas of sport.

The attachment that physical activities and sport have had and have the male social role, the peculiarity of structures that underpin sport, as well as differences in the occupation of leisure time, family structure and work, educational models, social gender stereotypes, etc. affect the imbalance still exists and kept hidden barriers that lead to a real glass ceiling for women in sports. It is essential to promote equity in sport, taking into account the differences between women and men, but they limit their possibilities.

We want a future with more women who enjoy the sport and the benefits that this entails, as well as more women involved in all aspects of physical activity and sport: the leadership and management, training, arbitration, journalism, training, research and practice sports.

Therefore, it is necessary MANIFESTAMOSque:

  • Use the possibilities offered by sport as a vehicle of training people and as a transmitter of values, with the aim of overcoming prejudices and stereotypes that prevent women and men develop according to their personal expectations and their individual potential.
  • Include the gender perspective in the management policies of physical activity and sport to ensure full equality of access, participation and representation of women of all ages and status, at all levels and at all levels: as practitioners, managers, leaders, coaches, technical, referees, judges, journalists and researchers.
  • Enter the principle of equal opportunities as a high quality in the management within corporate social responsibility of all institutions or entities associated with physical activity and sport.
  • Facilitate access and promotion of women in competitive sport, promoting its incorporation and sporting and social recognition in the high performance and allowing the reconciliation of their educational, personal and professional development.
  • Encourage the use of coeducational strategies in schools and sports, as well as contexts of participation and practice that facilitate the incorporation of girls and boys to all kinds of activities such as permanent habit.
  • Ensure training with a gender perspective of professionals of physical activity and sport, according to the demands which provides current legal provisions for different levels: academic, vocational training, technical education and training courses permanent.
  • To promote research on women and sport to support effective equality policies in sport, as well as for the implementation of programmes and development of tools and other materials to move towards a physical and sporting activity increasingly equitable.
  • Support networking and multidisciplinary teams in sports where professionals experts in equality and in sport share their knowledge and experiences to promote equality and remove barriers that still hinder.
  • Reflect in the media a positive image of women in sport, diversified, free from gender stereotypes and as models of personal success, professional and social.
  • Encourage sponsors to support the sport as a whole and programs that enhance the sport of women.
  • Set from the field of physical activity and sport coordinated lines of action between institutions and national and international agencies involved in promoting equality between women and men, in order to optimise programmes and actions.

This aims to involve Manifesto to all persons, agencies, institutions and public and private entities directly or indirectly related to physical activity and sport to adhere to what is expressed here, and in the scope of its powers, incorporate the proposals therein.

The Superior Council of sports, in his role of public manager of sport in Spain, and based on the principles included in the declaration of Brighton on women and sport, promotes and drives this manifesto within the proceedings of the comprehensive Plan to promote sport and physical activity.