The CSD, and LaLiga RFEF appealed to fans to avoid concentrations that endanger public health

Before the imminent end of football competitions

Madrid, 14 July 2020.The High Council of sports (CSD), the Real Spanish football Federation (RFEF) and LaLiga appeal to fans Spaniards, before the imminent end of competitions, choose the private events or restricted to small groups allowed by law. It should avoid concentrations that may pose a risk to health, since the pandemic still rages COVID-19 inside and outside our country.

It is worth remembering that, as of today, several Spanish regions and areas have declined in the process of de-escalation by the recurrence and therefore inadvisable to occur or agglomerations smaller events that have not been regulated by the authorities. By strict criteria of health, images as those experienced in some parts of the country last weekend are completely impossible.

The CSD, and LaLiga RFEF managed, through the signature of the covenants of Viana and with the collaboration of all the sports sector, a successful return workouts and sports competitions, always under stringent sanitary safety protocols that received approval from the relevant authorities. Players, clubs and all personnel involved in the development of the championships have enabled Spain today is an example at the international level in sport insurance. It Is also something that have achieved fans, which are key to foster a model end of our leagues.

This year marks celebrate the success of equipment from home, family, in small groups, in the balconies or through social networks, but in no case through concentrations that endanger the health own and others. Only by avoiding these circumstances we will be effective in combating the virus, and defeat, then yes, hold the great triumphs as they really deserve.

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