The CSD moved to federations and clubs that sporting events will be closed

Professional competitions professional or not shall be closed for fifteen days

Madrid, 10 March 2020.The High Council of sports (CSD) has reported throughout the day of today at the sports federations measures the government has approved in relation to the world of sport for the evolution of the transmission of COVID-19 in spain. The goal, once again, and in tune with the criteria adopted last week, is to reconcile the development of sporting competitions keys with the protection of public health.

In this sense, is relevant to the fact that the executive urge camera all competitions and professional sporting events and non-professionals, national and international Level, including those held outdoors. Since yesterday evening, the CSD already took this decision to the brunt – of football, basketball and other sports through these federations.

In principle, the duration of these criteria will be 15 days, but the same subject to revision depending on events. Remember, in turn, that the government is who adopts the general framework, but the legal implementation and monitoring of individual cases will correspond to the autonomous communities. Federations, moreover, are already working closely with the multiple organizers of events and competitions.

Connection to football, basketball and other sports with media coverage, the board recommended to keep the press conferences in line with what happens elsewhere. This fact comes to motivate a certain individual responsibility: save a minimal physical distance and tighter personal hygiene (especially handwashing). In this sense, it is best to review all of the information that the ministry of health provides through its website.

Moreover, during matches held behind closed doors will be the presence of essential for the correct development of the event, as well as journalists essential for the broadcast of the same.

Travel, limited

Connection to the official international competitions held both in Spain and outside the same, the CSD recommends meet the information about the Health that have been identified as areas of high transmission. In this sense, the measure affects especially fans of clubs that seek to move. If you want to do so from places designated as “ high ” transfer, i.e. Madrid, and Cheap Labastida, it should be recalled that the government “ does not recommend the movement that does not respond to unavoidably absent, outside of the community or to another country. ” Does Not meet this recommendation would be considered outside of the scientific evidence and therefore an irresponsible decision.

Fans of clubs in other areas maintain the approach taken last week, and are advised to travel alone if the cause is absolutely necessary, although these criteria will be reviewed also in the coming days depending on the evolution of the crisis.

Other measures taken by the CSD

In coherence with the announcement on the other sports competitions, the CSD has decided to postpone beyond March spain championships for autonomous selections in school age (CEASES); and championships University Spain (CEU). In turn, suspended the participation of the Spanish teams through field in Attended the event scheduled from 18-23 March, and University championships EUSA FISU.

Connection to activities in the high performance Centres (CAR) of Madrid, lion and Sierra Nevada, the CSD has decided to prioritize the workouts of those athletes and teams with Top ratings outstanding for the most important events.