As laid down in the law 10 / 1990, 15 October, sport (Article 6), it is considered the top-level sport of interest to the state; it corresponds to the General administration of the state, in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities, seek the means necessary for the technical preparation and scientific support of athletes high level.

To carry out this task, and analyse the international sports reality, it becomes necessary detection, selection and monitoring of new athletes who meet the forced generational change from our current representatives, this being one of the objectives of Higher Council of sports.

To this end, the High Council of sports launched in 2002, aNational programme of Sports Technicization, which has become a real basis of top-level sport, coordinating efforts, both economic and management, being made in this regard, by both the own advice as various public entities (autonomous communities, local entities, etc) and Spanish sports federations, aimed at boosting the athletes to achieve their goals deportivos aimed at a high level and that united the following programs, already implanted and functioning, with mixed results:

  • Program of Sports Technicization centres, led to the detection of promises sporting and technical improvement in the territorial area, in its early stages, in response to both its sports as his teacher training and humane.
  • Screening programme Sporting talent
  • Future programme Spanish Selections

The National Program for technicization sports, with the aim of supporting the technical expertise of sportsmen, since its inception, at an early age, and during the various stages of their specialization sports, in its Autonomous Communities, until its consolidation as top athletes, develops in two Fields of action:

  • Scope Communities, with the help of sophistication centres sporting and Specialized Centres for technicization Sports.
  • Scope national, with helping Spanish sports federations involved or new incorporation in the old screening programmes of talent and future Spanish Selections that has been consolidated into one with the aim of better structure the effort of the various sports federations, and adapt the final planning and implementing actions to the needs and peculiarities of each sport.

This Programme promotes and facilitates sports training, ultimately modernization, young people, who have real-world chances of joining the different national teams.

Spanish Sports Federations have to reconcile work of improving its most prominent underage players, with plans to high competition, concentrating the implementation of the different areas in its athletes with true potential, getting unify their goals through the different existing programmes, establishing the greatest possible control to locate and consolidate their athletes in the international elite.

It is precisely in this application and in their development potential where the C.S.D. collaborates with different communities Autonomous in Sports Technicization programs, constitute an appropriate structuring of all actions of various institutions in this area, to optimize the use of available resources.