The high council of sports it awards the Dual CSD-Carrera

Madrid, 1 july 2024.-The high council of sports (CSD), in recognition of the double merit of sports and academic young sportspeople in our country, Dual CSD-Carrera awards for the year 2023.

The prize for sportspeople Dual CSD-Carrera school-age children has been awarded to the navarra judoka Marta Beorlegui Oses.

In response to the high level of the candidacies submitted, the commission has decided to grant a valuation also “ Menciones Honoríficas ” at catalan waterpolista Unai Lema Llapur madrid; the golfer Andrea Revuelta Goicoechea and aragonese swimmer Jian Wang Escanilla Candial.

The award Dual CSD-Carrera athletes universities has been granted to the athlete extremadura, Álvaro Martín Uriol. In this category, the citations have been the Inés Bergua aragonese and leonese halterófila Marta García Rincón.

Dual CSD-Carrera Awards aim to assess the effort entailed for youngsters combining sport career with academic training, both at school and university.

The recipients, who have been proposed by the 17 autonomous communities and autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, have highlighted between all nominations submitted by the level of excellence in both its academic records and results achieved in competitions from national and international levels.