• Eyewitnesses services registration will be closed from 11 to 15 January

  • The CSD, the COE RTVE and agree to the extension of the scheme ADO until 2021

  • The DOCUMENT Global Spain and disseminated in the world the model English sport insurance

     The secretary of State Manuel Muñiz visit the facilities of the CAR of Madrid

  • Irene Lozano meeting in the CSD to the captains First teams soccer

  • The CSD initiates the draft professionalization of soccer

    Lozano Irene meeting with all clubs in the league of first division of soccer.

  • The CSD drives child protection in sport with the final presentation of the project i-protect

     “ CSD will always be in the fight against violence and abuse to create safe spaces in sport, ” said Irene Lozano

  • The CSD launches “ the hour of the Sportsman ”

     Initiative weekly chaired by Irene Lozano for learn worries and concerns of high-level sportsmen

  • The budgets of CSD for Sports Federations reach 90 million, double that of the latest crisis

    The amount received by the FFDD bottomed out between 2013 and 2015, when barely exceeded 40 million euros