• Free visit of the Sierra Nevada: “ centres of High Performance give recognition Spain ” brand
    The centre of High performance of Grenade welcomes the year around 40 international sports stays high-level
  • The CSD and Iberdrola renew the agreement to promote women in sports
    The programme Universe woman from CSD has been recognized by the government as an event of exceptional public interest
  • Sánchez receives the feminine selection of basketball, which revalidated yesterday the title of champion of Europa
    The president of the caretaker government has expressed to the players "pride of Spanish society ” on his victory
  • Free: "Are gold and are history. Form part of the history of Spanish sport"
    The team of Soles Mondelo gets the fourth continental gold medal and seventh consecutive international
  • María José Free attends the World Roller Ball Games 2019
    The president of CSD has witnessed different competitions throughout the day
  • The CSD launches a campaign on social networks to promote healthy sport in summer
    The aim is to promote sports safe and healthy living during the months of more heat
  • The CSD convenes aid by 12.9 billion for the first Division football female and male 2nd B
    Within forty-five calendar days from today
  • The CSD convenes aid for high-level athletes of $25 million euros
    The time limit shall be fifteen calendar days from today
  • Fred Sánchez visit to the feminine Spanish selection of basketball before the Eurobasket
    Fred Sánchez congratulated the players for their effort, sacrifice and fellowship, stressing that his legacy transcend their medals
  • Free: “ The Ibero-American Network woman and sport is a very powerful tool to move towards real equality ”
    This event represents the reactivation of the network, a forum of cooperation that had not met since 8 years ago and involving more than 20 countries
  • The Government revives the Ibero-American Network of woman and Sport
    After eight years of inactivity, member countries have met in Indian Cartagena (Colombia)