• José Manuel Franco: “ sport will be a vital tool and valuable to a change of the economic model and a knowledge society more cohesive ”

  • Irene Lozano fires the spanish team Powerlifting that will compete in the european championship of Moscow

    In its last act at the forefront of the CSD, the secretary of state for sports has stressed that “ this championship is very special "

  • Irene Lozano thanked the workers of the CSD its work and effort during this year of pandemic and reminds families

  • The Government authorizes the CSD to cope more 53 million euros of aid to spanish sports federations

     deutsche post This is an increase of 8.9 per cent over last year, more than 4 million

  • Irene Lozano and Florentino Pérez sign collaboration between the youth and Sport Foundation Real Madrid

     deutsche post The convention supports the sustainability of projects sociodeportivos of care for minors in centres

  • The CSD affirms the role of women in sport on the occasion of the 8-M

  • The high council of sports renews its corporate identity