• The Government will support in sports and athletes to generalise the use of the APP Radar Covid

    The extension of this digital tool in sport, as social reference of first level, intends to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19

  • Irene Lozano moves to the general manager of the OMS, Tedros Adhanom, the bet of Spain by sport Insurance

    Meeting at the headquarters of the world health organization

  • The European project i-Protect welcomes the last conference of participating partners prior to its final presentation

    Initiative led by the CSD together with the founding Sport young to the momentum of child protection from abuse in sport

  • The CSD activates the ‘ plan concentrated in Tokio ’ by the complex epidemiological situation

    Affects, for now, the CAR of Madrid, and will keep the workouts of athletes GIVE, Olympic and Paralympic

  • European Week of Sport 2020 expertly highlights the importance of physical activity and sports safe in times of pandemic

    This year's edition, which counts as ambassadors sportsmen Ester Showpost.php, Ray and Sara Andrés Shoe.

  • The league of soccer professional will next season

  • IV prize “ Lilí Álvarez ” for journalistic work on the sport

    Summoned by the institute for women and for equal opportunities (IMIO) in collaboration with the CSD

  • Irene Lozano obliges Embodies Hernández the gold medal of the order of merit Real Sports

    “ Girl from the hook ”, as they know it, began to play basketball in 1931 and was the first woman in Spain in train a team feminine

  • Protocol for the round of the official competitions state and non-professional character 2020/2021