• The CSD, at the opening of the house of spain to Tokyo 2020

    The director-general of the CSD, Albert Soler, attend the inauguration of the house of spain to the olympic games

  • José Manuel Franco today to Tokyo to accompany the olympic delegation

  • The CSD will grant basketball clubs to 8 million in assistance before the end of year

    “ we said that public support to the sports sector was to become more critical than ever, and we will keep ”, according to the secretary of state for sports

  • The CSD increases the number of high-level

    With the approved list, the number of athletes is 4.575, 1,761 2,814 men and women

  • Franco: “ our paralympic games are an example and courage to spanish society ”

    The president of the CSD has reminded us that the government earmarked eur 48 mill. adapting sports facilities of high level to improve accessibility

  • Franco: “ the CSD will put into the hands of the communities eur 48 million this year to modernize sports facilities ”

    The Autonomous Communities will manage directly about 125 million euros over the next three years from the total amount of 300 millone

  • Franco: “ The grant of the CSD for games of Tokyo grows 400 per cent and demonstrates the determined commitment of the Government for sport ”

    The government spends 4.7 million euros to the COE and €1.9 million to the STANDING COMMITTEE for the participation of the spanish athletes in the games of Tokyo

  • Sports has increased by 6.1 per cent in the past five years

    Survey of Sports Habits in spain 2020

  • Albert Soler: “ The challenge of cities in sport is a mutual benefit ”

    Act of signing the agreement between the Nucia and FETRI

  • Soler: “ sport serves to bring the countries and peoples on common values ”

  • The new sports act punishable conduct reflect as discrimination against LGBTI

  • Soler: “ This 7th World Fronton is an example of collaboration between institutions and sports federations for the development of sport in Spain ”

  • The CSD will co-finance for the first time awards medal in the paralympic games of Tokyo 2020

    For José Manuel Franco is decision replied to a “ claim fair that will lead, little by little, to be a more just and equal ”

  • The European Week of sport 2021 seeks to involve all segments of society in the promotion of physical activity

    An initiative aimed at promoting physical activity for combating sedentary life at which a further year the CSD in their commitment to a more healthy society

  • Approved almost 10 million euros for the scholarships ADO

  • The CSD adopted the professionalization of the soccer

  • Franco: “ the CSD go more than 13 million euros in aid to the clubs of cpf, Asobal and other sports affected by the absence of public official ”

  • Authorization of the public do of football and basketball courts

    The president of the supreme council for sports (CSD), Jose Manuel Franco, has proceeded to authorize the public do of football and basketball courts

  • Franco: “ On 15 june, the CSD will professional soccer the highest ranking ”

  • Franco: “ Invest in sport is to bet for a modern society which leaves no one behind ”

    The FC Barcelona women received the golden plaque of the royal order of sporting merit

  • The CSD doubles the aid for the national Sports Canoe and high performance centres

    The budget for 2021 amounts to eur 4 million, more than double that of last year

  • Albert Soler chairs presentation at the CSD the 2020/2021 Arena Handball Tour

  • Franco: “ the volleyball will contribute to everyone to regain the joy and optimism that we are much needed ”

    From 28 may to 3 october dispute Madison Beach Volley Tour 2021

  • The CSD attaches the golden plaque of the royal order of sporting merit to the first female team FC Barcelona Football

    After winning his first Champions League

  • José Manuel Franco: “ sport will contribute to the spanish society is light at the end of the pandemic ”

    Albert Soler has appealed to the unity of all segments of the sport from the “ leadership of the CSD in sport policies ”

  • José Manuel Franco: “ spain has taken root as a mountain skiing world ”

  • Albert Soler, the new director-General of the CSD

    The Council of ministers has approved his appointment today

  • The Government supported the candidacy of Spain, Portugal to celebrate the european championship of handball of 2028

  • José Manuel Franco receives the broker Fernando Cup after achieving its challenge, the visibility of párkinson