• Muguruza, Suárez, Bolsova, Georgian García and José María Martínez form the team that will be played off Belgium promotion to the global group of the glass
  • The CSD receives 151 input to the draft law of sport
    After the hearing and public information
  • Agreements of the Steering Committee of CSD
  • Free attends the presentation of the 23rd edition of the league “ Skittles ” in Cantabria Female
    It has also been present at the School Olympiad pens of Buelna
  • The CSD accepts mediation between LaLiga and Real Spanish football Federation
  • Signing of an agreement of collaboration between the Spanish Sports Federations of persons with disabilities and the Real federation of winter sports
  • Aid to corporations and public enterprises to works and sports infrastructures for international competitions.
    Within the framework of cooperation and collaboration of CSD with local authorities and municipal public companies
  • Convened aid to the federations for the national programme for technicization and Sports centres for high-performance and CAR lion
    There have also convened aid for maternity, conciliation and academic training of the sportswomen
  • The CSD joins World day Down syndrome
    Launches a video that reflects the history of Guillermo Núñez Grace, a young swimmer with intellectual disabilities participating in competitions inclusive
  • The BOE publishes the resolution of the CSD on aid to Spanish sports federations for high-level sports
  • The Government approves the change in the law of funding to boost RTVE programmes ADOP DESIGNED and
  • Nine spanish athletes compete in the XXIX edition of the winter Universiada
  • Free best wishes to boxing Spanish team that will participate in the championship of Europa sub-22
    Will take place from 6 to 19 in Vladikavkaz (Balanced)
  • María José Free: “ sport has no gender. Sport has a very powerful force to break down barriers and lead to a better society ”
    The president of the sports Higher Council has submitted the white paper of sport of persons with disabilities in Spain
  • The CSD participates in the project ALL IN- “Towards gender balance in sport ” of the board of Europa and HAT. An analysis of gender equality in sport
  • More than 100 people involved in the working day on centres of high performance and Sports Technicization
  • María José Free, Carolina Marín: “Your effort to overcome, your effort and your record will bring you back to the highest ”
  • José María collection Free with Mike Carballeda, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee