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Survey of sports habits 2020

The survey, belonging to National Statistical Plan 2017-2020, has been carried out by the ministry of culture and sport with the council for sports, and has benefited from the collaboration of the national institute of statistics in its sample design. Intended for people aged 15 and above, their main purpose is to obtain indicators sports habits of spaniards. Publication date: june 2021.

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Yearbooks of Sports Statistics

Publications prepared by the statistics division and studies of the Technical Secretariat-General of the ministry, which reflected the selection of the most important statistical results of the sports sector prepared from multiple sources available statistics. The interest of this work is to facilitate a useful tool for an objective understanding of the situation of the sports sector in Spain and its evolution.

Date of publication of Sports Statistics yearbook 2022: 26 may 2002



The system used by the Ministry for the storage and dissemination of statistical results of the sports sector on the Internet. Includes most of the statistical information which the Ministry produces, processes or disseminates and incorporates the methodologies for the same.