International Federation of University Sport (F.I.S.U)

España is a full member of the international federation of University Sport (F.I.S.U.). and as such, attends every year competitions that you are interested in this discussion.

The FISU – FOUNDATION FOR INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL UNFOLDMENT convenes annually a series of competitions, with the following cadence:

  • The world championships in even-numbered years.
  • University World in odd-numbered years, both summer as winter (known as Universiadas).

With this "" link you can access the official website of the FISU – FOUNDATION FOR INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL UNFOLDMENT and inform you of all its activities and competitions organised by:


Global games University


The University World Chengdu 2021 are held in Chengdú (China) of 28 july to 8 august 2023. España participates in 5 sport modalities that are ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS, JUDO, TAEKWONDO, tyre OLIMPICO and WHUSU, with a total of 44 athletes and 15 records. Participants represent a total of 26 spanish universities.

Acceso a la web officer:https ://

Access to the results of the competition:https :// lang = en/#/sports

Academy of volunteer leaders