• The president of the CSD, Víctor Francos, inaugurated in Valencia the european week of sport

    According to the latest edition of the Eurobarometer, four out of ten europeans do not practise sport never

  • Víctor Francos participates in Valencia in the day on “ combating piracy in sporting events

    “ The unauthorized retransmission harms the sports market, ” said the president of the CSD

  • Victor Francs: “ we work by and for the people's europe, which offers opportunities and gives answers to the challenges of citizenship ”

    The president of the CSD intervened in Valencia in the conference held in the context of the spanish presidency of the european Union

  • The directors-general of the european union share measures to combat hate speech in sports

    The emphasis was placed on various forms of combating this scourge

  • The directors-general of the european Union to pool their strategies for further progress on gender equality

    The challenge is that equality between women and men is real and effective