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National Conference I Esport Adaptat: Forward together towards integration. Toledo, 19 and 20 May 2009

This conference marked a before and an after. In it, the whole sport sector for disabled took irreversible process of integration of disabled sportspeople in federations of their own sport modalities. Occurred in-depth discussions, discussed all points of view, and drew conclusions that will guide us in this historic process

National Conference I Esport Adaptat: Forward together towards integration

Toledo, 19 and 20 May 2009

The integration of disabled sportspeople in sports federations standardized, great challenge for the future

Miguel Carballeda, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, closed the national Conference I Esport Adaptat, which gathered in Toledo athletes, technical, experts and other professionals related to sport by persons with disabilities in Spain.

Elproceso of integraciónde disabled sportspeople in structures of sport normalized is the great challenge of the future, according to have coincided much of the rapporteurs this National Conference, who have also highlighted the need for this process is done with a scrupulous respect towards the specificities, needs and rights of athletes with disabilities.

The base lapromoción deportede has been another major concerns of participants in this forum for reflection and have made various proposals for greater numbers of people with disabilities, especially young people, to access sport practice.

Incorporate físicasy sports activities tailored to all processes derehabilitación médicaen disabled, enter the sports equipment adapted within the catalogue of aid ortoprotésicas or include personalised economic assistance for physical activity and the practice of sport adapted within benefits under the law of dependence are other claims raised at the conference.

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In the field of laeducación, proposals were raised to incorporate physical activity programmes adapted for inclusion of students with disabilities, try to avoid early exit from the sport or include this area as backbone content in the science faculties of physical activity and sport and in all qualifications linked to care for people with disabilities.

To central lasadministraciones, autonomous and localesse claimed them greater awareness towards activitat física adaptada, enhance the universal accessibility in all sports centres and promote projects combine sport and disability with issues related to women, tourism, promises, rural respite or family.

In the various presentations and roundtables representatives of sport adapted from high level as the General Secretary and the managing Director of CPE; Miguel Sagarra Approach and Jofre, respectively; as well as prominent as elite sportsmen Enhamed Enhamed, and Stephanie Amaya Zuazua Eroles (swimming); Alvaro Galán (boccia), Javier Soto Carlavilla and Emperor Cesar (athletics) and Rubén Pérez (tennis in a wheelchair).

Moreover, was attended by members of the various public administrations as the High Council of sports, boards of Castilla-La Stain, Extremadura and Andalucian Marvel, Generalitat of Catalonia and the municipalities of grenade and Two Sisters (Seville); as well as representatives of Spanish federations and territorial, and clubs and associations devoted to sport adapted.

Also speak researchers and academics esport adaptat specialists from faculties of physical activity and sport of Madrid, Barcelona, lion, Gerona and Elche (Alicante), which highlighted the coordinators of the scientific committee of the conference: Javier Pérez, professor of physical activity Adapted and General Secretary of the FCCAFD Polytechnic University of Madrid; and David Sanz, responsible for training and research of the Spanish Federation Real tennis (RFET) and professor of physical activity Adapted from the university Camilo José Cela, Madrid.

Organize: Work:
Communities board Castilla-La Stain (JCCM) Spanish federation of sports for the blind(FEDC)
Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) Spanish federation of sport for physically disabled(FEDDF)
Higher Council of sports (CSD) Spanish federation sports people with intellectual disabilities(FEDDI)
Spanish federation sport for Brain Paralyzed(FEDPC)
Spanish federation of sport for Deaf(FEDS)

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