Team España: new programmes of preparation and olympic paralímpica en route to Paris 2024

Team Españait is a project developed by the CSD to the momentum of sport spanish, with a twofold: to enhance the preparation and olympic athletes paralímpica and teams competing in paris 2024 and enhance strategic sports disciplines in the screening of the image of España around the world.

To that end, this project, is structured in two specific programmes to achieve these objectives:Team España ÉliteandTeam España Estratégico.

Team España Élite

The agendaTeam España Élitemet those olympic and paralympic athletes with more options of medal in the games of Paris 2024. Intended, in this way, overcome the results achieved in Barcelona 92 and continue to be a global power in the paralympic games.

Team España Estratégico

The programme Team Strategic Spain is aimed at olympic specialisms do not, but in the projection of our country's image abroad, such as madeira or motorcycling. In particular, is intended to sportsmen and women to ensure continuity in the spanish Successes in areas that are not part of the agenda of the olympic games and Paralympic Games. In Addition, it supports professional sports as tennis and golf, which are eligible for aid for the development of the basis on the basis of specific projects to submit their federations.

The provision of these two programmes amounts to $16 million per annum during the olympic cycle. That is, a total of 48 million in the triennium 2022-2024, which is channelled through the spanish sports federations and will benefit more than 230 athletes.

This heading is focused, inter alia, to help to provide equipment, in facilitating the preparation in places of residence of athletes or cover travelling to concentrations or participation in international competitions.

This project was approved by the council of ministers on 4 october 2002.

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