Actions in the field Researcher

The project development MAID has resulted in a triple of action by the CSD; proceedings at the technical level, in the field researcher and at institutional level. This includes the proceedings in the field investigator, materialize in specific projects and punctual developed by the CSD aimed to increase the security of sporting facilities and technological development of the industry.

Accreditation of Sports Facilities

Under the project MAID (Improvement and harmonization of sports infrastructure), one of the objectives proposed by the High Council of sports was to obtain quality certification of sports facilities.

This required, in the absence of regulated criteria and standards of quality, adopted by AENOR (most respectable entity accreditation and which includes the CSD, chairing the CTN 147) technical standards compliance with which a reference to demonstrate that quality. These standards, with their corresponding Regulations were adopted by AENOR (with the collaboration of CSD and IBV under the project MAID) to demonstrate, safety and accessibility, tracks and indoor pool vessels.

So far, it is the first existing rules for credit quality in sports facilities, and there is no sport installation in Spain with it.

Therefore, the CSD found that should be its own facilities the first to be reviewed for this accreditation.

The process has been essentially an audit to check the rate of technical requirements established by the accreditation entity in the previously mentioned technical standards of compliance.

The primesa phase of the audit was done during the month of July 2009, where revised documentation concerning various services of High Council of sports (RR.HH., Internal Regime, medical services, maintenance, etc.). In the first week of November has taken place the realization of the second phase of the audit. The certification process will culminate foreseeably early next month of December.