The government has earmarked eur 49 million to the autonomous communities to modernize the sport sector

Agreement of the council of ministers

The council of ministers has authorized the criteria of sharing between the autonomous communities and cities of Ceuta and Melilla which shall be approved shortly in the framework of the sectoral conference on Sport

This investment is part of the Ecological Transition of the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience and will be held during the last quarter of 2021

Madrid, 02 november 2021.-The council of ministers at the request of the minister of culture and sport, Miquel Iceta, adopted at its meeting today the agreement authorizing the proposal of territorial distribution and the criteria of distribution of appropriations managed by communities and autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla with the aim of implementing reforms and investments directed towards the revitalization, restructuring and modernizing the sector of sport in the amount of eur 49 million for 2021.

This heading is part of the Ecological Transition of the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience and provides Full facilities to renew the high performance centres and Sports Canoe scattered throughout spain. It is to promote adaptation to new socio-economic realities through processes of transformation in digital and ecological transition that may be necessary for its modernization.

In particular, the actions to be carried out under the project “ Modernization of high performance centres: Energy Sport 2.0. ” This paragraph contains several steps to the replacement of current energy used in its functioning with under other polluting emissions, as well as the renewal of equipments for maximizing energy performance of each of the systems that are available.

At least 54 canoe and/or sports facilities will benefit from these 49 million to enable them to renew their equipment, improve its efficiency and update their infrastructures.

Following the authorization of the criteria of distribution by the council of ministers, will be the sectoral conference on Sport which soon adopted with finality. Thus, the resources that will manage communities and autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla will have the following pattern from the data obtained from the network of centres of Canoe:

Annuality 2021
Autonomous Communities 2021
01 Andalusia 4.240.917,70
02 Aragon 974.852,55
03, Principality of Asturias 1.547.334,51
04 Balears, Illes 5.529.634,64
05 Canary Islands 729.140,46
06 Cantabria 830.674,89
07 Castiles (La Mancha And León) and león 5.308.382,42
08 Castilla - La Mancha 253.170,40
09 Catalonia 8.522.150,63
10 Valencia 5.508.686,08
11 Extremadura 3.050.916,74
12 Galicia 1.795.836,46
Madrid, 13 community 5.097.035,65
14 Region of Murcia, 1.905.842,54
15 Navarra, Comunidad Foral de 464.874,40
16 Basque Country 658.855,84
17 Rioja, 1.513.696,07
18 Ceuta 603.123,62
19 Melilla 464.874,40
TOTAL 49.000.000,00