Is called college sports, carried out by university students and organized by each university sports, also, to encourage and facilitate sport practice.


  • This practice not only is competitive but often directed towards the realization of activities of recreació esportiva to use leisure time healthily.


  • According to the Organic Law 6 / 2001 of universities (LOU), each university organizes and promotes their internal activities as considers opportune, including sports.

The High Council of sports as an institution that has the powers of the State in sport, is responsible for, together with universities, coordinate sports activities at the national level. It also works in the promotion of sports university centres and is responsible for the international university participation.

In order to improve and coordinate these functions, was created in 1988 the Spanish Committee of College Sports (C.E.D.U.).

Information:People interested in more information, clarification or forms of participation in activities that are shown below, please contact, in any case, sports of each university. The main programmes that, from the High Council of sports develops, are as follows:

University Spain championships:Organized by universities and the Superior Council of Sports. The entries of the selected athletes perform universities themselves in the High Council of sports.

International Activity of College Sports:The C.E.D.U. is an associate member of the international federation of College Sports (F.I.S.U.) and responsible for coordinating and organize the Spanish participation in competitions and activities promoted by it.

Universities subsidies for sportspeople Academics at high level:Is held annually by resolution of the chairmanship of Higher Council of sports.

All information of these programs can be found in the various web pages of the CSD in channel of "College Sports"