Accessibility is a priority objective of the Higher Sports Council. The contents of our portal must be accessible to all citizens, without discriminating against anyone due to their abilities or the technology they use.

This portal has been developed following the accessibility priority 2 guidelines (adaptation to the "AA" level) defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines specification (WACG) by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Consortium (W3C).

However, the mere satisfaction of these criteria does not guarantee easy access to all of our content on its own, so we continue working to try to cover as many accessibility priorities as possible 3 (adaptation to the "AAA" level).

Currently this level AAA is fulfilled in a large percentage of the contents of our website.

To contact the accessibility service on the website of the Sports Council, send an email to the web publication service

Last accessibility review: December 2018

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