Introduction and contact addresses


  • Is called sport in school age to all those activities that are organized way off the agenda of the Physical education classes in schools, clubs, associations, etc. and in the participating students in school age.

Place and regulation of participation:

  • These activities can be performed in various places in the same school, through the different Municipalities or sports clubs and consequently, under different forms of regulation and organization, so there must always be a formal excessively competitions.

    In such activities in addition to the High Council of sports, play an active part in the same autonomous communities and sports federations.


  • The main objectives are, in addition to contribute to a better comprehensive training of the person, showing the student the value of cooperation and teamwork, help a physical development healthier and harmonious as also to use leisure time of fun way.


  • The Superior Council of Sports championships holds yearly spain in school age for autonomous selections. Everything related to this invitation (regulation, results, memories of activities, etc) can be further in the various web pages this same channel of School sport, which is updated as they unfold developments.
  • Likewise, Spain is a full member of the international federation of School Sport (I.S.F.), and as such, participates annually in some of the international competitions it convenes. In the channel of international activities you can also follow the respective information.

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