Sport season and Woman. Board of Extremadura - 2008 / 2011

Counseling of equality and employment and counseling of youth and sports through the institute for women and the General direction of sports, organize a Macro itinerant sporting event that travels different localities extremeñas during the 2008, 2009 and 2010 directed at women between 12 and 35 years. The Higher Council of sports is one of the partners.

Sport season and Woman: this year change your style, do Sport! is a project to promote sports in women between 12 and 35 years. The participants may visit the exhibition Season Sport and Women ” where you can learn and practice through educational workshops diversity of sport modalities. Through the Booth “ tomorrow … at what time? ” initiative which departed in 2008 and joined in 2009 “ Quedadas ” that aim to boost with the involvement of clubs and gyms in the area a range of sporting activities after the Event, go to educate the participants who offers will have in the coming weeks: What, How, where and at what time.

In the year 2011 is continuing with phase 1: “ Noise ” and awareness that has had as objective highlight women as active player in the world of sport, remove prejudices of society and motivate women to reivindicasen its space on the tennis game and its right to practise sport in all its facets and modalities; phase 2 “ Breaking molds, creating structures ” that began in the second year and further materialized in 2010 with specific actions such as: specific training courses, obligation in the agreements signed with the 44 Sporting Federations to include in their programmes of activities at least one activity of promotion and incorporation of women in its mode, obligation to all the organizers of sporting events seeking help in the General direction of sports to respect the criterion of equality in their prizes and expansion and diversification of the offer of activities and sports promotion programmes to the tastes and interests expressed by the citizens Extremeñas. Finally phase 3 “ Cascadeo ” that aims to make the engine of the campaign sport and wife extends and shared towards the rest of public administrations and especially towards the entities themselves and athletes. It is intended that each local administration develops its own program of impetus to the sport, generate their “ own ” observatory or department and especially develops sensitivity and commitment required to continue working in the incorporation of women in the world of sport in all its roles and with the highest quality. Within the objectives of this Phase of “ Cascadeo ”, it creates a network Championships Woman and Sport called “ Itaca ”, whose objective of the network Championships Woman and Sport is to generate a network of entities and individuals associated under the umbrella of a sports association Independent and autonomous legally registered to work for the momentum of women in the field of sport.

This year also, will be held meetings called “ Coffee Break ”, in these meetings will be a table redonda-debate in order to analyze the current situation in the different roles of sport and will explore the launch of measures and actions to encourage the sport.

Sports and season 2010 Woman

Sports and season 2011 Woman